Chivas: Amauri Vergara responds ruthlessly to Alan Polido

Chivas: Amauri Vergara responds ruthlessly to Alan Polido

More than a year after he left through the back door of Chivas Ríadas del GuadalajaraAnd the Alan Bollido He set the farm ablaze when he spoke about the current situation of Rogblanco, hinting that he would like to have a second stage with him. flock, In addition to broadcasting some aspects of his departure, the club president, Amaury Vergara, He answered frankly, explaining that it was he who had requested his departure.

owner Chivas Once again confirmed that it was Alan Bollido Who asked to leave the team, which is why they did nothing more to retain the player, because for Amore Vergara it is of the utmost importance that his players want to play with Guadalajara.

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“With all transparency I will say that Alain Boldo must remember that he asked for his departure and under my management, I want players who want to be in Chivas, whoever does not want to be in the club does not deserve to be in Chivas,” Vergara said.

The president added, “Just like Alan, there are great players who have given us happiness. If the factors combine to return to the player who wants to be, then of course the doors are open.”

On the other hand, Vergara spoke of Chivas’ current jewel, Jose Juan Macias. One of the factors for which they left Alain Boldo; Ensuring JJ has a great future in Guadalajara, plus he expects to play in Europe, yes, once he triumphs with rojiblancos.

“I am convinced that JJ will get his chance, he will achieve his dreams, he is a man who is convinced, that he wants more and that he does not only want to achieve limited things, he wants to go get the whole cake, he wants to be an example for the future of Mexican football, and he will achieve it, but he must To appear in the team that was formed in it and it is not the same thing to reach Europe with results in Chivas, rather than to arrive like this, he said.

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