Alianza Lima revives old ghosts in the Copa Libertadores: an alarming decline even in the domestic championship | freedom | Total Sports

Alianza Lima revives old ghosts in the Copa Libertadores: an alarming decline even in the domestic championship |  freedom |  Total Sports

More than 30,000 blue and white spirits have arrived in Matute, but ancient ghosts have also appeared to Alianza Lima. The intimate team fell short of requirements and lost 2-1 to Libertad in the Copa Libertadores, dropping to last place in their group.

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The coalition did not do much. Without an injury to Andres Andrade, the ball was far from intimate power. The vertical position of Paraguay has done so much damage, that neither Josepmir Balón nor Jesus Castillo could control the Guaraní revolutionaries, who know how to attack using all attacking fronts, taking advantage of the emergence of Ricardo Lagos, who suffers from Marc, and Jordi Vilches, as a right-back. After the injury of Gino Peruzzi.

Libertad’s dominance found a prize in Alianza Lima’s mistakes. The blue and white again struggled with a goal at the end of the first half against Melgar. A corner kick was not cleared and Santiago Garcia scored his own goal.

And if adversity wasn’t enough, a millimeter offside from Pablo Sabbag detected by the VAR caused Jesus Castillo’s equalizer to be nullified just before the break.

And what changes?

There was no time to react either. The first half was not good, but Chicho Salas does not usually make changes in the first half. Alianza came out to play the same thing and nothing changed in Matute. He never called Pablo Sabbag, Pablo Lavandera was no driver and his support for the brand was minimal.

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Libertad’s advantage was only a matter of time. A shot off the crossbar and various counter-attacks could have ended badly for the sides, until Melgarejo’s goal in the 55th minute decided everything.

With 2-0 down, Salas changes just arrived. A slight reaction with Hernan Barcos, Christian Cueva and Aldir Rodriguez only served Vilches’ opponent at 93. Alianza came close to equalizing, but time gave no more.

in League 1

shrinkage that worries

Alianza Lima is the leader of the inaugural tournament with a five-point lead over Universitario. In the last date he fell 2-1 to Melgar in Arequipa and allowed the creams to get close to him.

Before defeating Vallejo in a controversial match – Al Shuqara did not charge him with a penalty kick – and then Al Baladi with a goal after a mistake. This drew criticism from competitors, especially from creams.

Alianza must leave no doubts about their performance and they must make sure of their Apertura soon so as not to put pressure on themselves. This Sunday, Universitario needs to not beat UTC in Cajamarca and then beat Garcilaso in Matute.

Against Libertad, Hamim, who had been undefeated in Matut this season, lost. Due to the domestic championship, they still have that streak and must maintain it to celebrate in the first championship of the year.

The re-statement showed that Cueva, who is well thrown to the left, where he plays in the national team, is more productive, but this made Reina throw himself to the right, where the profile does not help him and there he goes unnoticed.

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It has several variants of Alianza, but in recent games they are not called. There are more individual efforts that are not enough, and less in the Copa Libertadores.

The level of the blue and white has dropped in recent weeks, which could jeopardize their leadership in the inaugural tournament of La Liga 1. In the cup they should work wonders against Mineiro in Lima and Paranaense in Brazil.

statistics alliance freedom
own up 55% four five%
target attempts 19 10
Shot on goal 7 2
goal chances 1 2
The goalkeeper saves 0 6
Passing efficiency 75% 65%

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