Viladecans Science Talks: Online science talks to enjoy from home

Viladecans Science Talks: Online science talks to enjoy from home

the Science Talks Reaching Philadecans: A series of talks promoting science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The talks will be Connected It will cover topics such as biology, mathematics, astrophysics, physics and neuroscience. Other scientific programs will also be implemented in the city.

On February 14 this year, Viladecans made a reactivation Science Talks (from the English “scientific talks”), a new cycle of talks in the program Scientific In Vladeccans. These talks were born out of the goal of promoting STEM activities in the city.

the Science Talks They are taught by professionals from all over the country, and you can see Connected So everyone can enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. To access the talks, simply access the Zoom link on the municipality's website. The first quarter of the year will host five talks covering topics such as biology, mathematics, astrophysics, physics and neuroscience..

In this first conversation on February 14, bats are the heroes. The lecture will be delivered by Daniel López Codina, professor of physics and researcher at BIOCOM-SC, at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. “Do bats sing opera?”. In this talk, López Codina will explain how we can approach the world of bats from a physics perspective, using echolocation and ultrasound. The professor and researcher confirmed that we would be surprised to discover the large amount of energy that these animals need, and this will help us understand why they need to hibernate.

Talks are scheduled to take place until June

The following lecture is scheduled for March 12: “Mathemagia: Some Secrets Recognized”It is taught by Fernando Blasco Contreras, professor of applied mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. On April 9, Pilar Gil Ponce, a professor in the School of Communications and Aerospace Engineering at UPC, will present a conference titled “Stars, cauldrons being”.

On May 14, at UPC, Nuria Salan, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Graduate School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa, will give a lecture entitled “The hidden side of the periodic table. Finally, on June 11, David Bueno, professor and researcher at the Department of Biomedical, Evolutionary and Developmental Genetics at the University of Barcelona, ​​will hold a conference on “The Learning Mind: What Neuroscience Contributes to Education”.

Viladecans is full of scientific programs

Since 2015, in collaboration with the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, Viladecans has organized a conference Science Week, to promote science learning and scientific advocacy in the most engaging ways possible to increase knowledge, culture, and scientific interest. Moreover, in 2021, it was decided to take this celebration to the streets, coinciding with the Mayor's Day. During this special occasion, The first itinerary for the sports routewhere families can participate and discover mathematics located in different emblematic places of Viladecans (Plaza de la Vila, Torre del Barón scales, Magdalena Modolell Gardens, access ramp to the Atrium Viladecans…).

From educational centers to neighborhood centers, scientific and technological knowledge is enhanced among citizens year after year. An example of this is software 100 Tyvek Girls and Science Day, when Philadelphian schools and institutes come together to present lectures by active female scientists. The aim of this program is to highlight and evaluate the role of female scientists, in order to reduce gender gaps in studies related to science and technology. Another important event is Pi Day (March 14), which is used to commemorate the mathematical constant π and celebrate the importance of mathematics in various areas of daily life and science. Moreover, during this period, a special department for the promotion of science and scientific publishing was created, directed by Jordi Mazzone, who holds a Doctor of Science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

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