All Denver Francois cubes were declared ineligible for Sunday; The receiver is said to have started

All Denver Francois cubes were declared ineligible for Sunday;  The receiver is said to have started

NFL Denver Broncos Confirmed Saturday night, Quarterback opener Drew Lock, his backup and the team’s training team’s signal caller have all been declared ineligible for Sunday’s game. New Orleans Saints Because Corona virus Concerns.

Broncos white receiver Kendall Hinton, who played quarterback in college for Wake Forest, will take up the job as an emergency filler,’s Ian Roboport wrote on Twitter.

In addition to the lock, other unqualified players are backup Brett Ribein and senior Blake Portils on the training team. A source told the Associated Press on Wednesday, the day before the test in favor of Covit-19, that the trio were considered to have high-risk close contacts with 3rd quarterback Jeff Triskel.

“With NFLThe NFLPA protocols, which force a five-day isolation period for high-risk close contacts, have been notified by lease that Locke, Ribbon and Portils are ineligible to play in Sunday’s game against New Orleans, ”Francois wrote in an online statement.

“We will continue to work with the NFL whenever there is a positive COVID-19 case, including the complete and timely sharing of all available information to ensure the safety of our team.”

The news comes as leagues and other sports organizations continue to be caught up with the devastating virus that has infected more than 62 million people worldwide and killed more than 1.4 million worldwide. According to Johns Hopkins University.

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In the meantime San Francisco 49ers In Santa Clara County, California they were considering their options Saturday night after the new protocol, where the team would play home games, unable to hold games at Levi Stadium for the next several weeks. According to Fox 2 in the Bay Area.

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The 49ers’ next two home games are scheduled for Dec. 7 and Dec. 13, with the station saying it has no immediate comment on its plans.

In the Broncos report, the team wrote that Locke, Rybyan and Portils all tested negative for COVID-19, but the NFL identified them as “high-risk COVID-19 close contacts”.

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock throws a game-touch touchdown pass in Denver on Sunday, November 1, 2020, in the second half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Chargers. (Associated Press)

The trio left the team’s training facility immediately after learning of the NFL decision, the team said.

Triskel was not mentioned in the team statement.

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the AP that according to the league’s contagion protocol, all four quarterbacks did not wear masks when together.

Running behind Royce Freeman, A.P. is reportedly preparing for a quarterback role with Hindon. Freeman was already being considered for an emergency quarter, the AP reported.

News of Broncos’ condition provoked an immediate reaction on social media, including the Broncos tight end Nova font.

“Does anyone know if Beyton Manning is busy tomorrow?” Font wrote referring to the retired former Francois star. “Laughs but is serious.”

“I have nothing to complain about,” Font wrote in another message, “but the NFL cannot send us to a game without a QB. The most important level for a crime. We do not even get a back up ….”

The Broncos joked about the situation, asking if a player could borrow the NBA’s Denver Nuggets.

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After testing positive for the Triscal virus again on Friday, Kick Returner Dionte Spencer allowed the NFL Broncos to train on Thanksgiving Day after testing positive with two staff members. But coach Vic Fangio decided to close the building on Friday, and the team held remote meetings.

Locke, Ribbon and Portils were dragged off the site before Saturday’s short rehearsal and sent home.

They should be isolated for several days and continue to test negative for COVID-19 for a return next week. The NFL did not allow any teams to gather until Wednesday, fearing the Thanksgiving holiday could have infected players.

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After learning of their dire situation in the quarterback, Franங்கியois Brangos of Fangio, General Manager John Elway and team chairman and CEO Joe Ellis spoke with officials at NFL headquarters.

The league’s contact tracking protocols include checking electronic communications equipment, reviewing interviews and surveillance, and the league is busy investigating corona virus cases on several teams.

Denver enters Sunday’s game with a 4-6 record, the Saints 8-2.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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