All the details of the meeting between Barcelona and Mirotic

All the details of the meeting between Barcelona and Mirotic

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he Barcelona He suffered his eighth defeat this season in the Euroleague after losing to Milan Emporio Armani by 74-70, In a duel in which the Italians showed their superiority since the first quarter, and a wonderful first half was enough to close a match that also distinguished some. Arbitration decisions More than controversial, with four techniques noted, two to disqualified dario Brizuela, Another on the bench and another one to A Roger Grimaud Who ended up getting very angry at the refereeing: “It's very easy to make technical fouls and I'm very worried about that.”

A duel between Olimpia Milano and Barcelona Nikola Mirotic's return to the courts was finally untested. As reported by Sport newspaper at the beginning of the week. The Spaniard, who hails from Montenegro, has already returned to team training. His closest entourage did not rule out that the player had already participated in the minutes in the two duels this week. It will be against Dinamo Sassari As confirmed in the preview of the meeting Ettore Messina: “If everything goes well in the next few hours, we should leave him 15 minutes on track.” In data collected by “Pianeta Basket”.

Mirotic did not want to miss the match and was present in the suite

Although Nicolas did not play in the match against Barcelona, ​​he… Yes, he was present at the Forum Mediolanum To watch the meeting in first person. Mirotic wears the club's sportswear and the rest of the injured or non-call-up players, They fought the duel from the stands behind their teammates' benches. This was the first time that the player met his former club yet cancellation Barcelona implemented it last summer, ending a four-season relationship, while signing two more.

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Meeting with Grimau and his staff

Since he was not on call, Mirotic arrived at the ward at a different time. At the time of their entry, the Barcelona Mission was already present in the facilities. With the departure Sarunas Jasikivicius Off the Barcelona bench, there are many new faces in Roger Grimau's squad. With the assistants still in the club, the greetings were conducted in a normal tone.

Exchanging hugs with his former teammates

The meeting took place in the locker room area, as well as with some players, with whom hugs and feelings were exchanged.. It was the first time on this trip that they saw each other's faces. Since in the morning photo session they did not match. With the staff and team members Friendliness and good feelings prevailed. The director in charge of the department, Giuseppe Cuppils was also present in the Italian city, near the guest bench, watching the match. But this newspaper was unable to confirm whether there was a meeting between him and Mirotic.

This season could coincide

After the dispute over the two regular stage matches. Mirotic was unable to face his former team on the field. By beating Barcelona, ​​the Italians rose to the top They are ranked 12th in the standings, and they do not lose sight of the “Direct Play” area, from which they are only two wins away. We will see if fate turns and there is a possible meeting in the playoffs, or in a hypothetical Final Four.

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