“All the players had their moments and that is very positive.”

“All the players had their moments and that is very positive.”

the coach Barcelona, ​​Roger Gremau, He highlighted his team’s performance in Sunday’s win against Joventut de Badalona (95-79) as a “very positive” element.

“All the players had their moment and that’s very positive. They were all also able to understand that some change or that another teammate was better when it wasn’t their moment,” the Barcelona coach explained from the club’s press room. Palau Blaugrana.

Grimau expressed his satisfaction with his team’s performance: “In general, we played a good match, especially on the offensive level. In defense, we talked a little in the midfield, and although we remained the same in terms of points, we made a step.” straight ahead”.

“I’m happy because at certain times we saw good basketball. When you take an advantage, it’s not easy to control it against a good opponent. Even though we conceded 80 points, the defense was not bad at all. There are specific situations to correct,” he added. “We need to add training sessions to establish things.”

the coach Barcelona He admitted that “the idea is to have this attacking game” throughout the season: “Today we had great success shooting three points, and there will be other days when we will not have as much, but the idea here, is for all the players to feel their importance and believe that his time will come. “

Grimau He explained the emotions he experienced in his first match as Barcelona coach at home: “I was very emotional when I went to the dressing room to change clothes. It has been 12 years since my last match here at home. I tried to control my emotions because I could not overdo it.” , but I’m so glad I put out my first game in Palau“.

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Finally, the technician highlighted it Joel Barra He was “good” and brought “character and strength” although “it’s not easy to play the first game against your former team”, and he appreciated the American’s adaptation. Jabari Parkersigned this summer from the NBA.

“We’re very happy with him. It’s a little slower process because everything is new to him, but he’s a charming boy and very engaged, he listens and asks. If you tell him something, the next day he tries to do it.” He concluded his speech by saying: “Today he taught us a little of what he is capable of and little by little we will see the best version of him.”

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