Amazon has installed meditation booths for its employees

Amazon has installed meditation booths for its employees
Amazen, meditation booths

Amazon started installing small relaxation booths in warehouses so employees could, When they are tense, they can take a break

In these booths, called AmaZen, employees can watch short videos with easy-to-follow healthy activities, including guided meditations, positive affirmations, relaxing audio scenes, and more. As shown in an article by ViceThere is a fan, the upper window at the top of the cabin is shaded in blue and You can watch a computer streaming the aforementioned content.

Pregnant creator Lily Brown explains in a video: “With AmaZen, I wanted to create a silent space, where people could focus on their mental and emotional well-being.” “ZenBooth is an interactive space where you can scroll through the library of mindfulness and mental health practices to recharge the internal battery“.

This Zen space is part of the WorkingWell program announced by Amazon May 17 in a statement. According to the company, this initiative is a combination of “physical and mental activities, wellness exercises and healthy eating support” designed to help them recharge and energize. “

As part of this initiative, the employees did too Wellness areas where stretching exercises and muscle recovery can be performed. These areas also include interactive videos and written information to help employees proactively improve their health and well-being.

Relaxation videos are broadcast in the cabins
Relaxation videos are broadcast in the cabins

Spaces are also created to speak and learn about these topics. In this sense, small groups of employees converge near work stations and watch short interactive videos created by health, safety and injury prevention professionals. Topics change monthly and range from nutrition to care measures to perform the job.

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In turn, the company provides employees and families with medical care in the vicinity of their place of residence and work. On the other hand, it was stated in the statement that employees receive instructions every hour at their work stations that guide them through a series of physical and mental activities that help them recharge and energize themselves, which ultimately reduces the risk of injury.

These are activities designed to reduce muscle and mental stress, and range from various stretching recommendations, breathing exercises, and mental reversals.

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