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Health Agreement |  Letters to the editor |  Opinion

Ecuadorean-American retirees who receive Medicare are pumping needed dollars into our economy.

The agreement of the University of Navarra with IESS (Ecuadorean Institute of Social Security), Ministry of Health and Isspol (Institute of Police for Social Security) between the Ministry of Health and the Social Security Administration (Social Security Administration) of the United States, can also be reached through the embassy of that country for the treatment of Ecuadoreans of Ecuadorean nationality American and Medicare affiliates (the aforementioned government-administered Social Security coverage program) in reputable Ecuadorean hospitals selected for emergencies.

In the event of a medical emergency, you go to the hospital that is closest or most accessible to treat the disease. In these circumstances, Medicare will pay for the services the patient receives at a national hospital. There are many Ecuadoreans with dual citizenship and residing in Ecuador, receiving important pensions deposited in national banks and fueling our economy with dollars, which is necessary for the development of our country. It is important for the Ecuadorean government to survey and quantify the number of retirees receiving Medicare pensions, and it will discover injections into the economy for the dollars they receive and are spent or invested in the national economy. Knowing that Ecuador takes care of retired dual nationals in its hospitals, the number of people interested in residing in Ecuador will definitely increase if they get special emergency medical care, and the flow of resources into our economy will increase. Ecuadorean Medicare beneficiaries receiving pensions usually travel to the United States for annual checkups, but in the event of a health emergency they cannot travel and go to local hospitals, then travel to the United States to complete treatment if necessary. Now there are Social Security Administration (Medicare) agreements with European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. (or)

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