AMLO: Lopez Obrador launched a petition on Independence Day to defend Cuba’s sovereignty.

AMLO: Lopez Obrador launched a petition on Independence Day to defend Cuba’s sovereignty.

From the celebration of Mexico’s independence to the upliftment of Cuba’s independence. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador began commemorating the 211st anniversary of Miguel Hidalgo’s uprising to defend Cuba. Accompanied by special guest Miguel Diaz-Canal at a military parade this Thursday, the Mexican president urged Washington to lift the embargo on the island and hailed the “struggle for sovereignty” in Havana, which is beyond his opinion politics. The stages of the Cuban revolution and its government. His colleague thanked him for the solidarity shown by sending humanitarian aid and assured him that he would not forget the support provided and the rejection of the ban.

Lopez Obrador praised the Cuban people and, above all, advanced more than ever in Joe Biden’s demands for US administration. The code of the law is a positive framework for reaffirming relations between the two governments, paying homage to the values ​​of opposition embodied by Priest Hidalgo. When he announced the participation of Theas-Colonel, in which Julio faced a social upheaval against the regime He justified it by promising that “Mexico has opened its doors to all rulers”, unprecedented in six decades of Castroism. Today the purpose of the political content of the visit became clear, which began just days before the Latin American and Caribbean (Selak) Community Summit in the capital on Saturday.

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He has directly appealed to Mexican President Biden and his “political sensibilities” to end the sanctions. “The government I represent respectfully calls on the US government Lift sanctions against Cuba, Because no country has the right to enslave another people, another country. It is important to remember what George Washington said: Countries should not take advantage of the misery of other people. Frankly, it is wrong for the US government to use sanctions to prevent the well-being of the Cuban people, so they must confront their own government, ”he stressed. Lopez Obrador has sent congratulations to former President Jimmy Carter and recalled the 1977 agreements made in the Panama Canal to control the waters of the Central American country.

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“President Biden has enough political sensitivity,” he continued, “acting with that magnanimity and putting an end to the policy of grievances against Cuba.” “It simply came to our notice then Cuban-American community Set aside personal and biased interests. This is the time for brotherhood, not the time for conflict, “said the Mexican president,” Freedom for Mexico, Cuba and all the peoples of the world. ” He was optimistic at the beginning of the bilateral relationship.

The Armed Forces take part in the military parade.Gladys Serrano

From Jakalo, Mexico City, surrounded by military commanders, Lopez Obrador sang a true hymn to Cuba. “Miguel Diaz-Colonel, like some in the world, represents a people who have the right to live their affairs freely and freely, not allowing any foreign power to interfere in their internal affairs,” he said. “I have already said, I repeat: We may or may not agree with the Cuban revolution And with his government, but opposed without submitting for 62 years is an undeniable historical achievement. I believe this island should be considered the new Numancia because it is an example of its resistance, and for the same reason I think it should be declared a World Heritage Site.

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The Mexican president had already mentioned lifting the embargo at the end of July during a meeting with Selak foreign ministers, but he did so in a very implicit manner. Today he described the obstacles as a “paradoxical strategy” that, if it worked, would “turn into a pyre and rogue victory.” “It’s a stain that won’t even be erased from all the water in the ocean,” he added. These reviews are designed in an effort to integrate Diplomatic effort in the region, Try to gain a foothold in Latin America after the first part of the decree focused on domestic politics. Under Norway’s auspices, the new negotiating table between Chavismo and the Venezuelan opposition marks a swing to promote an alternative agenda defended by the US government body (OEA) as Selak’s pro-leadership position.

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Dias-Colonel He reconsidered the historical relations between the two countries, saying that Mexico was the only Latin American country not to sever ties with “revolutionary Cuba” many years ago. “Over the years, history has been inextricably linked: our two countries have respected their sovereign principles regardless of the distance or distance between governments,” he said, “a very Mexican policy: respect for the rights of another is peace.” The Cuban president, who faced protests in July due to growing population fatigue, rejected what he called an international “hate campaign” and thanked Lopez O’Brien for the unity and stressed the importance of the call: Has an immeasurably higher value.

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