An art space worth having access to

An art space worth having access to

At the end of last year, work began on the remodeling of the Tepeak Roundabout, in Tolancingo, with the aim of providing a more dignified and accessible space for the promotion of art and culture in the area. At the end of this month, the first phase will be concluded and will conclude in the second quarter of the year. Entertainment activities

In this regard, architect Ángel Vargas (who heads a group of independent architects and urban planners), noted that in addition to improving and beautifying this space, it is expected to be a meeting point for cultural events, painting, dance and acting. Workshops, in addition to this Sunday’s march to

This is how the modifications to the Tibiac roundabout (at the intersection of Avenue Valentín Gómez, Francisco González, Emiliano Zapata Sur and Calzada Hidalgo) promote urban renewal through a social, cultural and sustainable approach.

According to the restructuring project of this space, the degree of rotor deterioration is significant, its use is obsolete, and it was marked by the poor location of the walkways. In addition, urban wires and poles within the rotor generate an air of chaos in the small space.

On the other hand, the presence of trees is one of the most notable elements of the place, from which the starting point of the redesign emerges. This is how the trees of the original tree were respected and framed, in order to create living spaces around it.

Redesign (extension of the rotor by 3.5 metres), removal of unevenness and incorporation of four safe crossings that ensure universal accessibility and strengthen the importance of pedestrians,
The project.

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“The combination of materials, textures, lighting, and arrangement of trees provide a space where users’ presence and persistence are enhanced.”

• The project to restructure the Tibiac roundabout, in Tolancingo, aims to promote the culture and art of the area, but also the spaces available to all

• Works started last November, and after a temporary hiatus, its first phase will be completed at the end of March. The next step will be to carry out artistic and cultural activities

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