Space to grow from science

Space to grow from science

Las Tunas. On the third day of the Las Tunas 2021 International Scientific Convention that takes place from November 22-25 at the university, work continues in the committees, with papers submitted, posters and videos viewed by researchers and academics who participate online.

During an interview with some of the coordinators of the workshops that are part of the event, it was learned that the conference, so far, is going as planned in the programme. “The inaugural conference was presented by Dr. C. Roberto Valido Estefel and the selected papers were presented for each day, allowing the exchange of knowledge on the main topics of the workshop: innovative educational methodologies and strategies, digital training and communication skills, new trends in the use and production of educational aids and audio-visual materials, teacher training creators, remote training and online knowledge management,” said Dr. S. Alberto Velasquez López, Coordinator of the Educational Innovation Workshop – Twenty-first Century.
“They were very fruitful days, as the results of scientific research related to the teaching of literature, foreign languages, social communication, art education, social and cultural management, environmental education from Marti’s work, law and the modernization of the Cuban legal system, mother tongue education in its connection with local, regional and national cultural identity,” emphasized Dr. C. Grechel Calzadilla Vega, Coordinator of the Academia y Sociedad.Convencion univs yaimi
We are accompanied by Italian speakers from prestigious Cuban universities such as Oriente, Granma, Las Villas, the University of Medical Sciences and the House of Graduate Studies of Tunis, the host of the event. The Academia y Sociedad was also a space to honor the Master of Science. Victor Manuel Marrero Saldivar and Dr. C. Guillermo Montero Quesada, for their contribution to the protection of the history, identity and traditions of Tonera,” claimed Calzadilla Vega.
Tomorrow concludes the 3rd International Scientific Conference Las Tunas 2021, an event that encourages exchanges between professionals from different countries and fields of knowledge, with the aim of socializing their experiences and scientific progress related to the impact of universities on the social processes that they undertake taking place in each context.

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