An excess of information harms mental health, so how do you take care of your mood?

An excess of information harms mental health, so how do you take care of your mood?

Exposure to the vast amount of information popping up in Social media And the media in times of a pandemic can influence Psychological health Of people. From the public.

The continuous “consumption” of Newsletter Regarding the health emergency, economic and political crisis and more, it is frequent in the population, however, specialists stress that the lack of control and critical capacity can cause symptoms such as anxiety, InsomniaSadness anguish, depression And the effect on the most serious disorders.

Desire to constantly consult with Information It may be related to the person’s need for some control over the situation. However, excessive consultation or exposure to contradictory information or False newsIt generates a negative mood.

Fernando Cornejo, coordinator of UTE’s Department of Psychiatry, points out that the key lies in the critical ability before information so that whatever arrives via social networks is not absorbed and Internet. It is important for residents to know how to compare what it is reality why not.

According to some studies, spending an extended period of time watching or reading news about the epidemic was a common risk factor for depression and / or anxiety, but having adequate and up-to-date information on health aspects was considered a preventive factor.

What do you do to improve this problem?

The specialist suggests diversification Activities. The more time you spend reading the news or browsing the Internet, the more exposure you will be to this information. It is imperative that people find positive hobbies that allow them to enrich what they have KnowledgeOr improve your skills or get out of routine.

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Also, you should set time limits for browsing, sharing information, and reading on these topics. This will help you define a specific space to inform yourself about and not be in it all day Moving.

Another important point is to ignore all kinds of misinformation and create reliable sources of information such as official entities, approved blogs, professionals and trusted portals. Avoid “consuming” the news that comes through the channels Social mediaOr friends, family, or from untrusted pages.

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