“An organized home is an organized mind”: an expert in organizing space | HOUSE BLU

“An organized home is an organized mind”: an expert in organizing space |  HOUSE BLU

Organization is the most appropriate way to distribute activitiesYes in the workplace, maintaining order allows more vitality to work, As shown in HOUSE BLU Space Organization expert Marietta Vitali.

“He comes to get a gift with something that came out easily. People are asking me for help because I can help them get organized. They were always grateful for this service This is what prompted me to do it with more desire.”The expert noted.

For Vitale, the “trick” for learning the system is to understand whether what’s in the house is useful or not, because what doesn’t work is better not to be at home; In the pandemic, people returned to their country private spacesThe chaos of the elements is observed. According to her, there are people who should do it “Take responsibility” Of these things and in this case ask for help.

“I had a client who wasn’t just organizing and she was telling me these stories with some clothes. We weren’t just tidying up, But we were on a deeper level. Release what binds us. This is how I began to associate things with experiences, and watch how we arrange our feelings, ” he added.

How do you organize the house?

“When one wants to start a diet, we want to organize the kitchen. And when they call me, the first step is to review the space and decide what is needed. I always recommend starting with the cupboard; Then I set a budget to face these problemsVital adds.

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Work with children to explain how to organize. “We buy toys and more toys, but there is no space to store them. Often times with messy moms, their children are expected to be like this. The idea is to help them provide examples of easy-to-understand systems.” is over.

Hear all the tips to be an organized person at Casa BLU:

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