And they revealed the presence of a police station belonging to the Chinese regime in a tourist city in Chile

And they revealed the presence of a police station belonging to the Chinese regime in a tourist city in Chile
The Chinese system police station in Viña del Mar will operate behind the facade of a warehouse (Reuters)

A police station report revealed that China It was installed in one of the main tourist cities of Chile.

The information comes from Defenders of preventive measuresa human rights-related organization, which has ensured the existence of 54 service centers police Secret and informal China in 25 cities in 21 countries around the world. These will be known as “110 Foreign Service Stations”.

One of these police stations was supposed to be established in the city of Viña del Mar, located 122 kilometers from Santiago, and one of the most attractive Tourist The most important in the country.

RadioBioBio It stated that these places were to be set up to locate those who left China and force them to return to the country and have the additional purpose of exerting influence and silencing those who oppose the regime. With all this, they sought “a way to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) takes the law into its own hands, regardless of jurisdiction, and in its own words, “to suppress the various illegal and criminal activities in which the Chinese are involved abroad.”

Although the mission of these “service stations” appears to be to assist the Chinese in the communities they form abroad, the report added that they would have a “more dangerous and wholly illegal purpose” based on “persuasions” to coerce suspects into speaking. Going out against the country to go home.

The center located in Chile was installed on Von Schroeders Street, in Viña del Mar, RadioBioBio He was able to verify that today it “looks like” a warehouse. The property will have 24-hour monitoring and will belong to a Chinese company in the area.

Feedback in Chile

The Chinese embassy in Chile admitted that it had set up a center in the country but denied that it was a “secret police headquarters”, and that “we have no need or intention to deploy the so-called ‘secret police’ outside the country.”

“Concerning the “Chinese secret police station in Chile” mentioned in the aforementioned report, it is actually a service center for overseas Chinese. Due to the distance between China and Chile and the traffic affected by the epidemic, a large number of Chinese citizens in Chile are unable to return to China In time to obtain services such as renewing identity cards and driver’s licenses. As a solution to these special difficulties, the municipal authorities in China have opened an online licensing platform.”

The Chilean government confirmed that an investigation had been conducted in this regard. “We can only say in this regard that this is an issue of an international character, and we are ready and active, and we are contributing to this investigation through the Police Investigations (PDI),” said Secretary of the Interior Carolina Tuha.

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