EL TIEMPO PERGAMINO WEEKLY develop a play space for girls and boys with ASD in Plaza San Martín

EL TIEMPO PERGAMINO WEEKLY develop a play space for girls and boys with ASD in Plaza San Martín
Thursday 28 January 2021

Century Lane

Evolution arises from the demand of parents and the professionals who are addressing this problem.

In San Martin Square, they create a play space for girls and boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

It is a development that also adds value to this Centennial green space, which will be redesigned in search of modernization and improvements for the younger ones who usually visit the place.

On Wednesday morning, the mayor of the Pergamino Party, Javier Martinez, took a tour of the various works that are being carried out in our city, including the Plaza San Martín del Barrio Centenario where a leisure and entertainment sector is being created for boys and girls with autism. Spectrum disorder).

As explained by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Places, the project stems from a request from parents and professionals who are addressing the issue.

“They told us, from their experience, that boys cannot share crowded and noisy places. From that moment on, we started working on the general idea, so we looked for a quiet place, in the most central part of town. We locate the Plaza San Martin located in the heart of the Centennial neighborhood. We have seen her in a position to put this stadium there, “they explain.

Professionals of the region investigated the indicated games and it was decided to lay out a board with musical drums; Xylophone Mixed Drums, Musical Instruments, Motherboard, Whiteboard, Counter Board, TT. Impact games are avoided.

“In contrast, those who know about ASD have told us about the need to close this playground, so that the children are protected. So the space in which the games are located is a large, four-sided polygon, irregular in shape, and has a perimeter fence with some fun sectors, like tubes. Basic colors, washing machines to spin, etc., “they noted.

In this sector, the floor will be made of shock-resistant rubber and there will also be seats for parents.

In turn, the municipality is working to improve the entire square. The mast will be painted, the Argentine flag will be placed, afforestation work will be done, and the old sandbox currently in the arena will be removed, to put a rubber floor and new toys there.

Finally, the lighting will be standardized and the plumbing plant installed.

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