Netflix claims that the most watched series in its history is “Bridgeton”

Netflix claims that the most watched series in its history is “Bridgeton”

Los Angeles, USA

Netflix said on Wednesday that Shonda Rhymes’ latest television hit “Bridgeton” is the most-watched series in digital company history.

The site promised in a press release 82 million accounts saw “Bridgeton” in its first 28 days After its fantastic premiere at Christmas.

Since the method used by the platform to define a view is very controversial in terms of Netflix audience data, it is better to walk with lead: two minutes is enough for a user to calculate a particular content.

But in any case, no matter how dubious the way Netflix presented its successes (no news of its failures), “Bridgeton” is higher than other events, such as streaming services such as “The Witcher”, “Lupine”, “The Queen’s Compete” or “Stranger Things”.

Last week, Netflix has confirmed that there will be a second season The mysterious story of the series, “Bridgeton” by Lady Whistletown.

In a note signed in his own handwriting, it was revealed that the character will focus on the family’s older brother Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) for the next season of the series, which will begin filming in the spring.

“It has been truly announced to this writer that Anthony Anto Bridgeton wants to dominate the social season,” said Lady Whistletown, who warned her pen that “she is ready to relate to all of her romantic activities”.

Although no further details have been released, Daphne Bridgeton (Phoebe Dinever) and the Duke of Hostings (Regi-Jean Page) are expected to continue as part of the plot of this addictive period series that has caused a stir in theaters. Last weeks.

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