Angela Aguilar: This is what a Mexican music princess looks like with LENTES ?? ; His fans were impressed

Angela Aguilar: This is what a Mexican music princess looks like with LENTES ??  ;  His fans were impressed

The ??Mexican music princess??, as it’s known Angela Aguilar Currently one of the Artistic promises Not only from the country, but from all over the world.

The letter j17-year-old boy She has a legacy that supports her in music, but also her professionalism and dedication has made her one of the best Audience favorites And more than 5 million followers on Instagram.

He was exactly on Instagram where he was Daughter of Baby Aguilar Displayed with glasses and without fear of it causing anything Split opinions by their fans.

The singer featured two stories, in the first one she was only seen showing the new accessory, some of them Glasses that don’t seem to protect you from the sun’s rays In the second he asks him ??Little angels?? The way his fans call it Vote for her to win some important awards on the Telemundo Network, where is she Nominated in two categories, The first is Best virtual party For a mexican to the bone and the second is Favorite video for to “Tell me how you want”Where it is shared with Christian Nodal.

It is a fashion reference for her fans. Photo: angela_aguilar_

?? Hello little angels how are you? Give it hey Swipe up To vote for us at Latin American Music Awards?? , A translator said “Actually”Angela’s new song, written by the Ranchera music singer Anna Barbara.

It should be noted that in recent months star It stood out for being an effect Fashion and elegance From young women of her age and even younger than her, because she knows through her official accounts on the way she dresses and her varied appearance, which is flattering, and she also revealed that short hair suits her or long.

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