President Ecuador: Lasso’s victory in Ecuador opens a transition with urgent social demands | International

President Ecuador: Lasso’s victory in Ecuador opens a transition with urgent social demands |  International

Ecuador woke up this Monday without a post-election political hangover. Like any start of the week. No hit on the page Guillermo Lasso And without controversy for defeat in elections Andres Aras. Raphael admitted defeat to the candidate sponsored by Korea – he liked the word stumble but congratulated Lasso and asked that there should be no harassment. Are gone Marathon Election Days Notes of fraud or the need for reconsideration extend the days of declaring official results. The National Electoral Council will do the same on Thursday, but in the meantime, the Ecuadorian people are gearing up for the news that the Conservative politician of the Creo Movement and the Social Christian Party (PSC) will be their next ruler, gaining 52.48%. Votes against 47.52% of Aras.

Maria Boss Jervis, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at SEK International University, says this is a sign of political maturity and a particular fatigue before the controversy in Ecuadorian society. “Ecuador has seen itself defeated for decades, and it has been a habit to end an election with suspicion of fraud. He reiterates that in any case, it is wrong to be successful when the president’s electorate is close to 50% of the electorate. Coríísmo related ”.

In that half of the population, and in the other five areas, with a five-point advantage, he won the election in his third attempt, as Lasso was a minority in the National Assembly who had to rule with little room for urgent demands and maneuvering with an economic and social situation. In most camps, CREO is one of the few places with the least space. His rival group, the Union War La Esperanza, has only 49. Three more political movements are important to the regime: Pachakudik, with 27 legislators; Democratic Left, with 18; And the Social Christian Party, with 18 more. “Health and employment are key to this issue, but since it does not have a majority in the legislature, the most immediate thing is to look at the names of those who form its cabinet,” Jervis said.

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He hopes the list of ministers and senior officials will allow citizens to assess how open Guillermo Lasso has been about his views on groups and departments of the Ecuadorian people that have not been heard of until the second round. They were the ones who backed him this Sunday to prevent the return of Goresmo, represented by Andres Aras’ candidacy.

The economic and financial crisis that Ecuador has already dragged on Govt-19 epidemic, Enhanced by this is the structure that determines the first steps as the leader of the conservative politician. Poverty rates have risen over the past year, employment is at risk of deteriorating, and the economy is showing no signs of recovering. Health is also one of the main concerns of the citizens who went to the polls along with corruption, which is the raw material that controls the inefficiency of the public health system. They were all on Guillermo Lasso’s election program. His pledge for change will be short-lived since he took office on May 24 to address urgent social demands.

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