Anna Barbara wears a little swimsuit promoting her forbidden fruit

Anna Barbara wears a little swimsuit promoting her forbidden fruit

Anna Barbara On fire, because a woman 50 years He continues to be a hit after success because on Friday he released this music video for the song “Forbidden fruitOf course, promoting this version will not go unnoticed, for this reason Mexican Put the batteries to promote it.

and that is The Queen of the Spanking He really owed this video premiere to his fans where you can watch Anna Barbara in great outfits and you can even see her in a wedding outfit, so fans are happy with the pictures they’ve seen accompanying the composition.

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So this Saturday, Anna Barbara She decided to take a well-deserved rest by the pool and enjoy the water in a little blue swimsuit with a floral print that revealed her waist, slender legs and flat stomach, which her fans undoubtedly loved. If you want to see the picture with a swimsuit, click Here.

We can see this swimsuit with two jobs for a singer. “MuggerHe did on his Instagram account where he also showed off fruit ice cream and asked his fans what his forbidden fruit was? In reference to his new video.

With that envious body, Anna Barbara did not ask for anything from the 30 that we also saw in a red heart attack dress she wore to the Latin AMA’s on Thursday where she participated in a posthumous tribute party. Joan SebastianFive years after his departure.

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Was she wearing chones or not?

On Thursday night, translator.How little“She was wearing a dress with a side slit not only reaching her leg but also going up to her waist, and by exposing that part of her body, a lot of people started to wonder if she was wearing underwear.

At least that’s how the journalist put it Jumari GoysoWho accompanied Anna Barbara to eat and included in Instagram stories Mexican regional music singer He asked if she was wearing underwear underneath that amazing red dress.

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To answer, Anna Barbara decided to take a small survey in her story and most people think she wasn’t wearing anything under that dress, at least 54 percent said she wasn’t wearing anything, while 46 percent said she was wearing something under that dress. The dress.

Anna Barbara wears a little swimsuit promoting the forbidden fruit image: INSTAGRAM

However, thanks to a photo he posted Maribel guard On her Instagram account which she later revised, it can be seen that under her dress Anna Barbara was wearing a white cut, although the singer-songwriter says this information is irrelevant.

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