Malija Restrepo says her face was crooked due to stress – people – culture

Malija Restrepo says her face was crooked due to stress – people – culture

There are many very difficult events, but in the end I believe that each of us has a cross of thornsActress and influencer words Maliga Restrepo, who in her teens had to face the illness of her sister and the divorce of her parents.

For her, those situations helped shape her character.

The presenter of “Guerreros” on “Channel 1” spoke about aspects of her work life and family at “La sala de Laura Acuña”, telling that one of the most difficult times in her life was her transition from girl to woman.

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“The Cross of Thorns” by Malaga Restrepo

His sister has suffered from diabetes since she was two years old, but the peak of her illness began one day when she woke up unable to see. Malija was 15 years old and her cousin was 24 years old.

My face sways from tension and anguish

“It was very difficult for the family and for (…) After several surgeries on his eyes, he was able to restore some vision in one eye. On the other hand, he couldn’t see anything at all.“Calculate.

He also referred to his parents’ not-so-good divorce:My mum had to put her face all over to be able to move forward financially (…) my dad was the one who was financially the supplier“.

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These situations combined made his fifteen years, during which he was already working, moments of stress, which caused certain consequences for his health. One: her face is crooked.

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The actress confirmed that she is the truth as a result of everything that happened at that point in her life, but she made it clear that she wished she had received psychological support.

a fifteen-year-old what tools does he have; of any kind and don’t know how to deal with it all. One is not taught the importance of going to a psychiatrist, for examplewere his words.

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