“As of today I am already from the Atlas”; Has Canelo Alvarez Change Chivas?

“As of today I am already from the Atlas”;  Has Canelo Alvarez Change Chivas?

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Ciel “Canelo” Alvarez You decided to be a new fan of atlas, confirmed Eddie Rinoso, his coach, who announced that the boxer is part of the Rogenigro title Thanks to his emotional speech to the staff On the eve of the Volta vs Lyon match.

Although he was associated with Chivas and even wore the red and white shirt to the session Next to Chicharito Hernández And with a gift given to him by the Guadalajara Club in celebration of its 115th anniversary, Canelo hasn’t said openly which club he really supports, although the strategist already has the answer.

“As of today I am the atlas”He commented on the undisputed middleweight champion according to Reinoso, who explained that it was Alejandro Iraguri who invited him. To give a motivational speech with Canelo added in a video call.

“I introduced them to the players to give them some words of encouragement and they said really cool things that excited the players,” he explained. Renoso, red and black believer, and ESPN.

Mr. Iraraguri He told me if I could give them a motivational talk, and I agreed with great pleasure.. I told them about our history, how we got up, how we won championships and struggle after loss. I gave you an example of what it means to be crowned a champion from below‘, many.

He celebrated the victory of the Atlas more than the battles of Canelo

Far from his privileged position when he accompanies Ciel “Canelo” Alvarez in his battles, Eddie Reynoso had to live this occasion as an amateur as well as crowning the AtlasAn event that he considers today one of the most important events in his life.

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“I think so (celebrate the title more), because now we are on the side of the fans, and now I understand how I feel. When a person is in success, you don’t get it very much And when you do it as an amateur it’s different. You have lived very beautifully.”

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