Increases Vaccinations According to The Lancet

Increases Vaccinations According to The Lancet

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Caused the introduction of a digital Covid certificate Increased demand for vaccination among citizens of countries with lower than average vaccination coverage, according to a study that Posted this Monday scalpel It brings together the agency EFE.
The research, developed by the Leverholm Center for Demographic Sciences at the University of Oxford (UK), examined data from six countries and found that Pre-Covid has led to a revival of the majority of immunization campaigns, although it did reveal differences between them depending on previous levels of coverage and vaccine availability.
Thus, the expert study models indicated that France, Israel, Italy and Switzerland, “which began with below-average vaccine coverage” between April and August 2021, experienced Significant increase in demand for preparations before and after the entry into force of the digital passport. sor Contra, it did not detect significant changes in Germany, where coverage was already high, or in Denmark, where vaccine supply was limited.
The lead author of this work, Melinda Mills, noted in a statement that advancing vaccination campaigns “continues to play a critical role” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, so “increasing demand is essential” so much for “Protecting the individual” in order to “break the chain of infection in society”.
“Our study is the first important empirical evaluation to determine whether COVID certification could be part of this strategy,” the expert said. In general, he pointed out that the results appear in anticipation of limitations ‘Great recovery’ 20 days before certificate submission, ‘continued up to 40 days after’.
“But Current degree of vaccine acceptance, skepticism about vaccines, levels of trust in authorities and the course of the pandemic “It was crucial to its impact,” Mills said.
The authors also found that after the introduction of the digital card, increases in vaccination were Most significant in the group of people under 30 years of age, for the older age groups.
In Switzerland, for example, when the authorities used the certificate to restrict entry to Nightclubs and mass events, vaccination recovery is detected only in those under 20 years.
However, when the restrictions were extended to The entire hospitality and leisure sector, the increase also occurred in Age groups between 20 and 49 years.
Experts point out that the data indicates that These measures are useful in promoting vaccination among certain demographic groups.Although they believe more studies are needed to analyze other factors, such as socioeconomic and ethnic status, and to determine “to whom the testimonies should be directed” to increase their effectiveness.

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