Fernández highlights that 51% of Dominicans want to live abroad | AlMomento.net

Fernández highlights that 51% of Dominicans want to live abroad |  AlMomento.net

Fernandez during a work in the halls of the Resurrection and Christian Life Center, in Barahona, on May 13, 2023

Barahona – The head of the Popular Power Party, Leonel Fernández, has seen a growing rift between the Dominicans and the current government, to the point that recent polls indicate that 51% of them are ready to leave the country.

Fernandez spoke here during a packed event in the halls of the Resurrection and Christian Life Center, which was part of a two-day agenda he put together in Barahona, Azua and Beiravia.

“We have seen in the polls what we did not notice before: 51% of the residents surveyed say they are ready to leave the country, because they do not see any future in the Dominican Republic,” he stressed.

He believed that “when the majority of a country’s population says they are willing to leave, it is because they do not see that there is a future in the region in which they were born, and this is the worst that can happen.”

People power in the first place

He claimed that because of this rift between the population and the current government, already in the southern provinces and in Metro Santo Domingo, polls indicate that the popular force is primarily from voter preference.

Fernández was greeted by many supporters shortly after 12:00 at the intersection of Vicente Noble, which passed through Canoa and Jacquemeyes until it reached the center of Barahona.

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At the Resurrection and Christian Life Center, he was greeted by dozens of people who, according to a note from the Freedom Party, are former reformist leaders and the Democratic Revolution Party who decided to join this entity and were sworn in by the opposition leader.

The note added that the amphitheater in which they met was filled to capacity, so a large number of people had to stay outside, at the front.

Among the former leaders who joined the Freedom Party was the former trustee of Villa Central, Francisco Batista Batista. former interim President of the People’s Republic of China, José del Carmen Acosta; Former Chancellor Epifanio Perez, Former PRD Leader Romilda Sofron, Juan José Méndez, Jose Acosta, Omera Manion, Alcibiades Perez, Manuel Santana, Manuel Cuevas, Viana Coco Peña and David Lama.

In addition, Elsis Casilda Díaz de Santana, wife of journalist José Altagracia Santana (Chino Video).

Speaking on behalf of the right, former reformist leader Eugenio Pérez said he decided to join Fuerza del Pueblo because he sees this organization as a “light on the way” at a time when “people are dying of hunger and Dominicans are not eating.”

Fernandez was President of the Republic in three terms (1990-1996, 2004-2008 and 2008-2012) assumed by the Dominican Liberation Party. He resigned from the latter entity in 2019, and on October 17 of that year formed the Freedom Party, which is the party he heads and the presidential candidate.

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