Assembly employees in job uncertainty due to the 2021-2024 legislature composition

Assembly employees in job uncertainty due to the 2021-2024 legislature composition

Faced with a radical change in the composition of Congress, the Secretary of the Legislative Union assured that they would not allow unjustified dismissals, even if they were party employees.

After Ernesto Castro, an elected representative of the New Ideas party who has emerged as the new president of the association, announced that there will be a profound “restructuring” in the administrative part of the legislature, the employees of this entity are in employment uncertainty.

The general secretary of the association’s union, Luis Ortega, made it clear that they would defend all positions of workers who are already doing their job, regardless of whether they belong to political or institutional parties.

“The constitution is completely clear and Article 218 stipulates that officials and workers are in the service of the state and not any political faction. We cannot at any time see that because the deputy has expired, the worker must leave,” Ortega said.

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The job instability felt by the administrative staff is due to the fact that the composition of the association radically changed after the February 28 elections.

The bench in ARENA has been significantly reduced: from 37 MPs to 14; FMLN reduced from 23 to 4 legislators; Communist Party of Nepal, from 9 to 2 MPs; Wins, from 10 to 5; And PDC, 3 to one.

This leads to a new organization of personnel hired in legislative fractions. However, ARENA deputy, Norman Quijano, asked the upcoming “humanitarian” association with workers, given the unemployment situation in El Salvador. Even Guillermo Gallegos, of GANA, an ally of the ruling party, has expressed that they will ensure that the impact on employees is minimal.

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“ The only thing that can be challenged is respect for the seniority of legislative employees, because the least that the state needs is instability, especially work and compliance with labor standards, because absolute power (63 votes), ” said Cuegano.

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Castro, the New Ideas representative elected, said in recent days that when they have the finer details of the final scrutiny, which the Supreme Court of Elections (TSE) expects to culminate this Wednesday, they have planned to review the assembly before taking over the new legislature.

“By the time we get the precise input of the association’s condition, all that dark situation that has happened is coming out in the foreground, we will make the relevant decisions.” Castro explained to YSKL Radio, “We’re going to change the idea, and we’re very firm, and it’s completely changing everything, the way it works, And commissions.

Gallegos assures that there will undoubtedly be a purge in the association, which is not GANA’s idea, but they are committed to reviewing this situation in detail.

“We will have to adapt to new realities, and this means that these people will have to give up their positions, and there are also people who have moved from parliamentary groups to institutional groups, and these cases will have to be reviewed, and I am working on developing standards, and we haven’t talked about this, but yeah, It is important for all association employees to have peace of mind, and behind every person there is a family, ”Gallegos said.

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Castro, the potential new legislative president

Even before the elections, Castro held the position of private secretary to President Neb Buckley and during the election campaign he appeared as the man to take over the reins of the legislature.

In fact, Castro also said that they do not plan to share the assembly’s ownership with another party, and that the new ideas will retain the presidency of the legislature that enters on May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2024, despite the fact that they have won some councils in alliance with GANA.

In this regard, Gallegos indicated that New Ideas also intends to reduce the number of board members, which currently stands at 11.

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Quijano was the one to carry out the last restructuring when he was president of the association in the first term of the current legislature, going from 14 directors to 11 managers.

“The association as of May 1 will be very different from what we are used to in management, and there may be a reduction in the number of board members and many other things that have been considered,” Gallegos said.

Quijano, Gallegos, and Rep. Rodolfo Parker, of the PDC, agreed that it has not been analyzed how the transition from the current legislature to the next takes place, but that there is a debt that the government must fulfill even if the current deputies expire. Its functions are to pay suppliers.

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“The Finance Ministry is obligated to implement this transfer, and we assume that it will implement it now,” Parker said.

In December 2020, the president of the association, Mario Pons, of PCN, reported that the debt with the association’s suppliers was about $ 1.1 million against an eight-month delay, because the Treasury had not disbursed money to them to fulfill the payments. .

Parker said he is not aware that the Treasury has made any diversion to cancel the association’s suppliers. “I am not aware of a transmission coming,” he explained.

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