Woman arrested for harming Daddy Yankee documentary recording | Law

Woman arrested for harming Daddy Yankee documentary recording |  Law

In the morning hours, a woman named Sabrina Wood, 39, causes a stance by driving against traffic while filming a documentary by urban music singer Daddy Yankee, at the intersection of Parkey Street. Fernandez Junkos, upon application to production.

The production crew was reportedly told that there was no job available, but to leave her information to be contacted, the woman withdrew and returned two hours later with a microphone to the scene and started shouting.

Then he got into his car and headed against the traffic of Parque Street, entered the production parking lot and collided with the tent and some chairs, causing unknown damage to the site.

Because of this measure, a 30-year-old woman identified as Nicole Leno Colon fell to the ground with lacerations. Likewise, a man named Yokadi Burgos Rivera, 51, who lives in Hatu Rai, is listed as the complainant of the events with Leno.

The driver was placed under civil arrest by members of the production and subsequently arrested.

In light of this, Judge Glenn Velasquez of San Juan Court imposed a $ 10,000 bail for one counts of serious injury and two less serious charges than Law No. 22 (driving without a license and gross and reckless negligence when driving a car).

The woman was admitted to Bayamoun prison after failing to pay bail.

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