What he thinks about the criticisms he receives about Camila Cabello and her body

What he thinks about the criticisms he receives about Camila Cabello and her body

(CNN) – Singer-songwriter and actress Camila Hair He shared a speech on Instagram in which he reflected on the criticisms he receives about how it affects his physical appearance and his mental health.

The Cuban-American singer, who recently starred in the new version of “Cinderella”, talked about the stress she received on her body from getting attention.

“I wore bikinis that were too small, not focused on how I was, and then I looked at photos and comments on the internet that bothered me so much,” he posted on Instagram. Saturday. He described being constantly photographed by paparazzi and criticizing his body as “very vulnerable and unprepared”.

This emotional post came after a day at the Miami Beach Club, when the paparazzi found out they were being photographed and felt the pressure to make themselves look beautiful, Capello said. “I tried to pretend they weren’t, but I couldn’t,” he said.

“I knew in the photos that I would be ‘good’ and I would get it, yet I have never had a bad time on the beach,” he wrote.

“I think in the culture of other people’s thoughts, I remember how shocked I was when I realized it wasn’t mine,” Capello said. He added, “The culture of being accustomed to an image of what a ‘healthy’ woman’s body should look like is not true for many women.”

This post has received almost 900,000 likes as of Sunday morning.

The three-time Grammy Award-nominated singer is no stranger to using social media to express her feelings. Honestly, Last year he released a dictation In it he encouraged women to love their bodies.

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In that video, which received more than 5 million likes, he said, “Fighting with your body was last season.” “We are real women, with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and fat.”

As he explained on Instagram, his fight over his body shape has continued ever since. “The news I receive from the community sounds loud in my head.”

“Paradoxically, all the treatment and all the internal work is trying to get my 7-year-old self back on the beach,” Cabello wrote at the end of the Instagram headline. “Today I mourn her. Happy, fun, breathing, pretending to be an angel, free.”

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