Bad Bunny releases his video for “El Abagan” for Puerto Ricans to watch Fiona’s “Before the Power Goes Out.”

Bad Bunny releases his video for “El Abagan” for Puerto Ricans to watch Fiona’s “Before the Power Goes Out.”

Urban star Poor rabbit An extensive audiovisual project of “El Abagan” theme, his social critique of the problem of blackouts and gentrification in Puerto Rico, was launched this afternoon.

In one of his stories on Instagram it reads: “I hope they get to see it in Puerto Rico before the power goes out…” Today the official video was released, a different project that lasts more than 22 minutes and includes reports, press releases and footage from their concerts in Puerto Rico.

Press releases include activities LUMA Energy, The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) is a consortium contracted by the Government of Puerto Rico to oversee the operation, maintenance and modernization of the electric grid.

The audiovisual project is presented as a documentary featuring the report of Bianca Grala, an independent Puerto Rican journalist who uses social networks as her main medium.

The video begins with some footage from his “P FKN R” concert at the Hiram Pithorn Stadium in San Juan in 2021, then brings to life footage of a great party where “Después de la playa” vocals are performed. . ” He then presents Crowla’s special report, “People Live Here,” about displacement, displacement on the island over time, and the changes that Act 22 has made in Puerto Rico.

“What an honor to be trusted to tell the stories of our communities, to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of people, and to have your support to do this work. Thanks to everyone who made this project happen. And thank you @badbunnypr I love you for sharing your site and supporting a free press. We continue,” the journalist wrote on his Instagram account.

The video includes demonstrations against LUMA and the fight for the protection of our beaches held in recent months on the island.

Bad Bunny has directly criticized the company LUMA EnergyUnder his administration the island continues to live in daily and weekly blackouts, affecting the quality of life of Puerto Rico residents.

His first outbursts against Luma came shortly before he performed “El Abacon” at one of his concerts at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico in July.

Performer in three concerts He used the space before singing the song to make his point about the state of electricity service clear In his homeland.

“There are many hurdles ahead of us. We have a government…living day to day. Very poor electrical system. I’m touring the world, and here’s the only place I have to put about 15 power plants when I’m going to do it, because I can’t trust Puerto Rico’s power system. LUMA for face… Pierluzzi, all uncles… face to face thinks they own the country… too. The country belongs to us and we are in control. I believe in this generation. I want to live here with you forever. The beaches are ours too. You have to protect them, take care of them,” the artist said before the show ended.

During his “World’s Hottest Tour” in America, he has revealed himself on this matter.

“You don’t know, but right now in Puerto Rico there are hundreds of thousands of families without electricity. Hospitals without light, without electrical service. It’s affecting the lives of many people in Puerto Rico. We have very poor electrical service and the government doesn’t generate a check…”Benito Martinez Ocasio made the comments during his concert at Nationals Park in the US capital.

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“But PR is good…and pal ca to go to LUMA…and a couple too. But I am giving this message so that the people of Washington DC should know it well,” he said.

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