Deportivo Argentino welcomes Huracán in Southern Basketball

Deportivo Argentino welcomes Huracán in Southern Basketball
by mario warrior September 16, 2022 – 8:01 pm

Tonight starting at 10 pm at the Rafael Pescara stadium in the club Argentine sports You will receive a club visit tornadoa game that has become a divisional basketball classic in a new history of the Division I Close Championship, Level 1, organized by ASBRI (San Rafael Society). Basketball Rodolfo Iselín), where teams from San Rafael, General Alvear and Malargue participate.

The match generated a lot of expectations since the finalists met in the last tournament where Huracán became champion again.

22-Deportivo Argentino receives a hurricane..jpg

Deportivo Argentino hits the hurricane

in the host team, Argentine sports Directed by Jorge Altamiranda, two very important players have returned to the academy, such as Alfredo Fernandez, the points guard who was playing at Club Banco Mendoza at level 2, and Ernesto Leal, another goalkeeper who came after playing with Deportivo Argentino’s Maxi. Team.

In addition, many boys joined, as Deportivo Argentino had a large squad of 20 players.

On the side of the hero tornado They won’t be able to be there, Facundo Bielli, who has a knee injury and Martin Lombardo who is back after work in Las Linas. Also two key players within the team led by Gaston Gonzalez.

Two competitors who know each other by heart and are sure to be accompanied by a large crowd and it will be all or nothing like every time they meet.

After three disputed dates, Deportivo Argentino, Huracán and San Rafael Tennis Club add 6 points (3 victories each), Club Deportivo Argentino Maxi add 4 units, Verocaril Oeste de General Alviar also collects 4 points, Real del Padre Municipal School that moved up. In this tournament with a very small team that has 3 points to close Deportivo Malargue “B” by one unit in the match played.

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As well as situations

1- Deportivo Argentino (6 points) – (Play 3).

2- Hurricane (6) (Play 3)

3- San Rafael Tennis Club (6) – (Play 3)

4- Union Sportive Social Club Bowen (General Alvear) (4) – (Play 3)

5- Argentine club Maxi Sports (4) – (play 3)

6- Ferrocaril Oeste (General Alvear) (4) – (Play 4).

7- Municipal School of Real del Padre (3) – played 83 games.

8- Club Deportivo Mallargue B (1) – (played 1 match).

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