Cuban humorist Ulysses Tuirak responds to the attacks he received: “Very despicable”

Cuban humorist Ulysses Tuirak responds to the attacks he received: “Very despicable”

Ulysses Tuirack He said he felt “pity from others” for the “extreme left” in the past hours They fired “in the harshest way” to try to discredit him and reprimanded him for his alleged sweet denial of “the revolution,” a reference to the critical stance the comedian holds toward aspects of the island’s reality.

“Totally despicable, totally irresponsible (attracting a bunch of crazy naive people to scold, insult and ridicule themselves), utterly stupid”said the humorist in Facebook About two state security trolls who attacked him by publishing “unpublished” photos of the comedian’s medical treatment in 2020, which Ulysses himself has already shared on social networks for years.

“If they have the cleanliness to discuss with arguments, and to enter into a coherent and courageous dialogue, without turning their backs on reality, without blaming other things for their arbitrariness and mistakes, If they lay their chests down and want to move on instead of sticking their heads in the ground like ostriches, really, not with cheap slogans and vile lies, I think there is a clean, supportive, and humane purpose.‘, the humorist criticized harshly.

Toirac complained about the posts from Facebook accounts that “even lack the rigor in declaring that I live outside Cuba and that I also ‘paid for the left'”. “Cuban Legion Always” s Alexandria Tower who used a degrading and aggressive tone against the comedian.

“Let’s see, you little creepy beasts that lack dignity and decency, those pictures are years back.”Explained Ulises Toirac who left Facebook link From the moment, dated February 2020, he thanked the medical staff who treated him until the start of the epidemic.

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“I live in Cuba”explained the humorist, who took the opportunity to stress that if he pays for the affection he takes care of, from the doctors to the country’s garbage collectors, his more than forty-year work.

(Source: Capture of Facebook / Ulises Toirac)

“The tricks of envious old women and gossip, full of poison, speak more about you than I do.”Ulysses Tuirak made his conclusion, but not before qualifying as “odalisques” and not two legions, those who dedicate themselves to such missions.

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