Bad Bunny sings for about three hours at Bithorn and closes in the morning at the Coliseum in Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny sings for about three hours at Bithorn and closes in the morning at the Coliseum in Puerto Rico

After nearly three hours of delay due to logistical problems at the entrance, the urban artist’s first two huge performances were bad bunny, It was called “P FKN R” and started at Hiram Beethoven Stadium.

The concert was originally scheduled to start between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. Bad Bunny sang his songs for about three hours. In the middle of the morning, he went to Coliseo De Puerto Rico to meet the fans who watched the concert in a closed circuit at the facility.

“Puerto Rico, thank you for being here tonight. I’m a little nervous because this is my first concert in two years,” said Bad Bunny who kicked off the show.

Before Benito Martínez Ocasio, the first name of the translator of “We are fine”, ascended to the podium, spectators expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks over the lack of logistics in line. One artist announced over loudspeakers that about six people had fainted upon entering the building.

Faced with the delay, production responded in a statement.

Production invites audiences interested in attending the concert “P FKN R” by urban translator Bad Bunny to remain calm as part of the procession to arrive at Hiram Bethorne Stadium in San Juan. The letter stated that the commitment to comply with safety protocols related to COVID-19, and the confirmation of every production detail to ensure that every detail was in order, contributed to the lengthening of the waiting time to enter the stadium.”

They confirmed that the show will not start until they are sure that all the audience is in their seats or in the arena, as appropriate.

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He adds, “Our plan is to continue tomorrow, and do the second show, so we confirm once again that they are arriving early to make their experience more enjoyable.”

There were people who started lining up at the main entrance from six in the morning. Gates opened at 4:00 p.m. and a tour of Roberto Clemente’s stadium turned into a museum to showcase Bad Bunny’s accomplishments in entertainment before hitting the ball court.

Production reported this week that the cost of the show was approximately $10 million.

Live the events of the party:

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