Basketball is back: when does San Lorenzo play?

Basketball is back: when does San Lorenzo play?

Basketball is back after what was the last qualifying period for the AmeriCup Cup 2022, when the Argentine national team – in the presence of the players of San Lorenzo Maximo Villerup and Jose Feldosa – defeated Chile and could not do the same with Colombia, despite finally achieving it. His goal is to enter the competition.

The Hurricane Trains are considering the return of the National League, which will be on Wednesday 3 March at 9:30 pm, against Platenci, at the Opras Sanitarias Stadium. In that tournament, those led by Silvio Santander achieved seven straight wins and are second with 23 wins and 8 defeats, behind Kimsa who is 25 and 5.

But the match against Squid isn’t the only thing going on at the head of the coach: Just a few days later, San Lorenzo will play the second window of BCL Americas, which brings together the best of the continent. For Group C, Boedo – who also leads them – will play next Sunday from 20.10 against Obras and on Mondays simultaneously with Sesi Franca of Brazil.

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