Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion. The Miz ran with the title for 8 days

Bobby Lashley is the new WWE Champion.  The Miz ran with the title for 8 days

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If you think fighting Canelo Alvarez against Avni Yildirim It was a total failure because it only lasted three rounds, in WWE They weren’t left behind because On Monday, only The Miz’s 8-day reign is over By the wonderful people Bobby Lashley, who premieres the WWE Wrestling Championship.

The Miz Short Reign in WWE

Only Sunday 21 February Distinction He turned everyone upside down by trading it Money in the bank about Win the WWE Championship Before Drew McIntyre perished, but fate fell very quickly with him on Shane McMahon’s orders.

This is how Bobby Lashley won the WWE Championship

The shepherd’s son seemed determined to find a way to give the belt to him LashleyThis is why he stipulated that there should be “logging” outside the ring to prevent star fighting Distinction Flee as soon as Monday.

No longer with a place to hide, fighter Gorgeous He looked like a rag doll in front of him comeWho did what he wanted in the ring even Surrender with your master key While the entire RAW crew watched the coronation of the new king on one side of the ring.

Who is Bobby Lashley?

real name Franklin Roberto Lashley, The so-called Almighty was its first stage with WWE Between 2005 and 2008, to return after a decade, and on Monday, March 2, he finally won a race WWE ChampionshipPreviously, he held titles such as ECW, USA, and Intercontinental.

It has also fought in the past for companies like AAA in MexicoAnd TNA and the independent circuit, in addition to a distinct corridor across Mixed martial arts with 15 wins in 17 battles.

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