Will a surprising innovation be revealed in Merc’s W12?

Will a surprising innovation be revealed in Merc’s W12?

Tutu Wolf hinted at a mysterious innovation that has yet to be revealed Mercedes’ W12, but refused to provide any details.

Mercedes is a team known for finding these extra additions, as last year it made its debut in the Dual Axle Steering System (DAS) in pre-season testing.

The team used it to great effect, winning 13 of the 17 major races on their way to the seventh constructors and drivers titles in a row.

This year, the Brackley team has already revealed that it has A new innovation regarding its power unit.

“We’ve also got some brand new innovations that will be in PU racing cars for the first time,” said Hewell Thomas, president of Mercedes High Performance Powertrains, at the launch of the W12.

“That was especially difficult because last season ended late, so the winter period was shorter than usual and gave us less time to prepare, which added to the stress on work.”

This idea, which Thomas did not elaborate on, doesn’t seem to help the team much in pre-season tests with Mercedes only fifth, one second slower than Red Bull.

Now, though, Wolf has revealed that engine innovation isn’t the end of Mercedes’ surprises.

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“You haven’t even seen what we’re going to put on the car yet,” Race News 365 It quoted the Austrian as saying to Channel + before the opening of the season in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

“Of course, there is room for innovation and this always makes me happy. Every year we try to do something a bit like a box.

“I’m not sure it makes a big difference in terms of the car’s performance. It’s beautiful if it works.”

Although Mercedes is seeking to achieve the record-breaking eighth consecutive championship double this season, it has interfered in the Bahrain Grand Prix behind Red Bull, according to analysts.

With his chance of winning an eighth world title at stake, Lewis Hamilton has said he expects a ‘Very exciting’ Battle this season.

“It’s very exciting for us as a team,” the Briton said. “We are currently not the fastest and [it’s] How are we going to unite to get to where we want to be and I’m so excited about this challenge.

“I think it will be amazing for the fans and I love to collaborate with the men and women in my team to reach our common goal.”

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