Baskett Bolivar starts a new operation | Globalism

Baskett Bolivar starts a new operation |  Globalism

The Bolivar basketball team traveled to Valledupar on Monday for the national championship, the Catwalk (13 years) class, which so far includes seven leagues from across the country.

The team consists of: Diego Rodriguez, Johan Zambrano, Ismail Martinez, Derek Vazquez, Jaime Rojas, Juan Diego Benedetti, Matías Peña, Luis Angel Vargas, Jaime Andrés Olivares, Santiago Ramirez, Juan Campo and Sebastian Zabala.

The technical staff consists of: Ivan Garcia (coach), Rafael Rangel (assistant) and Antonio Virgil (delegate).

This delegation had the support of the Bolívar government, through Iderbol, Coosalud and Neurodinaemia.

So far, they have confirmed the associations: Valle, Atlantico, Bolivar, Cesar, Magdalena, Santander and Cundinamarca.

The Bolivarian quintet will take off for the first time on Tuesday in front of its counterpart from Cundinamarca, starting at 11:30 am.

new process

“It is great to note that there are men from almost every club in the city in this selection. This is very positive. It is the start of a medium and long term operation for the Catwalk class (only 13),” said Amore Ortega, Bolivar Basketball League Manager. .

Meanwhile, Ivan Garcia, the coach of this team, indicated that “at this moment, Bolivar begins a new process that includes these 13 young people who have been selected, which in themselves includes about 30 players from all clubs and schools in the city.”

The Bolivarian coach added, “The expectations in this Pasarilla tournament are to be in the first places, but at the same time we must determine at the level of the team and sporting talent how we find ourselves in relation to the national level, in order to build a course of action that will put us in the first places on the national level in the coming years.

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