Boris Johnson: Conservative rebels preparing for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister as soon as this week | politics news

Boris Johnson: Conservative rebels preparing for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister as soon as this week |  politics news

Rebel Conservative MPs say they expect a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson in the coming days.

Letters of no confidence in the prime minister must be submitted by 54 Conservative MPs to raise an appeal.

Data collected by Sky News shows that 28 conservatives They publicly demanded that Mr Johnson resignwith many questioning his position.

Business Secretary Paul Scully also said Sunday night that there “might be” a vote of confidence, but predicted that the prime minister would “meet” the challenge.

The process of holding the ballot is unknown, and only Senior Representative Sir Graham Brady – who chairs the 1922 Conservative Committee – knows who sent the letter.

One rebel MP told Sky News they suspected the vote would take place this week, but added that it was difficult to know precisely because this was a “completely organic and disorganized” show by MPs.

Earlier this year, suggestions of an imminent leadership challenge did not materialize, and one lawmaker who sent a message warned that “anything can happen” in the coming days.

There have been suggestions that the poll should be postponed to later in the month to maximize the chances of the prime minister being fired.

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The Prime Minister cheered and booed in St. Paul

“Boris is not going anywhere”

A senior member of Parliament, who has called for Johnson to resign, said holding a vote now would be “ridiculous” and “risky”.

If the competition does start, 180 Conservative MPs will need to vote against the prime minister in order for him to be sacked.

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Johnson’s allies have said he will win the vote whenever he arrives, meaning one year of immunity from another challenge, according to party rules.

A supportive former minister said: “After 12 months we will be very close to a general election so there will likely be a lot of hesitation in firing him then…Boris is not going anywhere and leading us to the next general election.” .

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‘Conservatives probably won’t win the next election’

Downing Street will attempt to shift the focus to local politics this week, with a series of announcements on the NHS and possible speech on housing construction.

but, A poll on Sunday predicted more problems for the prime ministerand predicted a heavy loss in the Wakefield by-election later this month.

“The main reason voters are giving it is that Boris Johnson blocked the party gate and then lied about it,” said James Johnson, a pollster at JL Partners.

The second reason is that Boris Johnson is far from the working class.

Activists have also criticized the prime minister, with the head of the populist Conservative group Ed Costello telling Sky News that Johnson must “go with dignity” in the coming months.

“If he remains prime minister, the party is unlikely to win the next election, which would mean some kind of alliance between the Labor Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP,” Costello said.

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