Belarus condemns Ukraine’s violation of its airspace

Belarus condemns Ukraine’s violation of its airspace

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Minsk (Sputnik) – The Belarusian Border Commission has denounced that Ukrainian pilots who were flying a Mi-8 military helicopter violated Belarusian airspace during maneuvers.

“Today, December 4, around 12.00 (local time) on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, the Mozyr border detachment recorded Ukraine’s violation of Belarusian airspace by Ukraine, in the area of ​​the Novaya Rodnya checkpoint.” Committee statement.

The entity reported that “a Ukrainian military Mi-8 helicopter crossed the state border and entered one kilometer inside the territory of Belarus” flew in Height about 100 meters.

The Border Commission stated that “the Ukrainian side was informed of the incident,” adding that the violation occurred during the military exercises Ukraine conducted on the border with Belarus.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian State Border Service, Andrei Demchenko, denied the information about Violation of Belarusian airspace Ukrainian pilots provided by Minsk.

“The information about the illegal crossing of Ukrainian pilots from Belarusian airspace is incorrect. This situation has not been reported,” the official told the UN agency.

According to the outlet, Demchenko warned that Ukraine had not received any official letter about the violation of airspace from the Belarusian border commission.

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