Belinda and Christian Nodal ‘breaking up is propaganda’

Belinda and Christian Nodal ‘breaking up is propaganda’

Belinda And the Christian NodalThey are one of the hottest median couples at the moment and that has given a lot to talk about with their alleged break. Will Nodeli come back and fool everyone?

This is not the first time that singer Belinda And Christian Nodal gives something to talk about after the alleged feuds in their “alleged relationship” were revealed, but it all seems to have come to light before what they had planned themselves.

According to a YouTube channel, they discussed an issue Nodele And all the controversy over “Thunder” and comments and most obviously, the recurring themes will be “We are not and we will not be”, by the response of “Regional” and later with Belinda with the theme of “Lies cabr0n”.

Alleged allusions, between “Naturalized MexicanThe ‘singer-songwriter’ will be part of an advertising strategy as a whole and ‘Producer 69’ which also supports these versions starting at 1:22 will be ‘everything planned’.

A well-known YouTube journalist released a story on “En Vivo”, showing one of the messages “Belinda’s ex-fiancéOn Twitter that would give many clues about the marketing strategy they both could have used.

Finally after nearly two years of memorizing a lot of music, my music started coming out at the age of eighteen. #YaNoSomosniSeremos #Outlaw, reading an excerpt from Nodal’s message announcing his latest merger with Sony Music.

The details that came with this release lit one of the first red lights, the other details being when a song was composed, when it was approved, etc.

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Supplier, as mentioned, it won’t be the first time Belinda And his famous partner will help promote their new music projects, in the last months of the last 2021.

Nodal delete all pictures next to “pop princessLeaving only a selfie of Speedy Gonzalez’s character, who is the artist’s icon for his new releases, speculation hasn’t stopped making the pair a target of the news, indicating a rift between the two.

Although it is true that from the beginning of their flirtation they always offered something to talk about, both artists cemented their brilliant careers in music, and were very much loved by their fans, this kind of campaigning would not be superfluous, as they say on social media. networks, but in the end if the goal was that, the scandal gave them that and much more.

Finally, the drivers duo concluded that the relationship between the “TV Actress” and the “Sonorens” was, more than anything else, the best deal for both of their careers.

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