Medellin City Hall

Medellin City Hall

.: Through training processes, teachers and students from formal institutions develop the skills of the twenty-first century and the fourth industrial revolution.

.: With the support of allies such as CINDE, OAS and Pascual Bravo IU, competitions are being promoted in Medellín Future Software Valley.

.: The trainings contribute to the educational transformation of the city and the improvement of academic processes within educational institutions.

Words by Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz, Minister of Education.1166 KB

The Mayor’s Office in Medellin is strengthening the Science, Technology and Innovation District, thanks to a research project of the Ministry of Education and the International Center for Education and Human Development – CINDE, which will allow 600 students, 180 teachers and teaching directors, as well as 400 members of the educational community to be trained in subjects Especially the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Within the Medellin Science, Technology and Innovation District, the Ministry of Education is planting the seed of the Software Valley and that region. That is why, through some very important allies, we have won an invitation from the Ministry of Science to train over 1,000 people, including parents, in the skills and capabilities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will also serve all those strategies for future computers, the social appropriation of new technologies, so that they have computers at home and can take advantage of them.” The Minister of Education, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz said.

The project was invited by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, which awarded resources from the CTI Public Royalty System Fund of more than $2,200 million to strengthen capabilities in science, technology and innovation for the 12 school communities. This, for educational innovation and enriching environments in primary and secondary education in rural and urban formal institutions in Medellin.

Biologist and professor of natural sciences at the Belo Oriente Institute, Keti Johana Quezada Alvarez, said: “It is essential, as educators and learning community, to understand that we have to modernize ourselves. It is essential to a process in which societies change a lot, where young people are buoyant and students want other things. There are things that must be taught now, and it is necessary to be of existence and from which we can achieve knowledge and doing.”

The municipal administration is conducting virtual training with 300 teachers from Medellin on the Being + STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum.

In total, there are three courses offered through the Ministry of Education, with support from the Organization of American States-OEA and the Pascual Bravo University Foundation.

“This year, I will be taking the course in coordination with Pascual Bravo and OAS for 21st Century Skills. It seemed very good to have these training spaces given that the institution I work for is in the process of changing the curriculum, and the application of all the knowledge has been very helpful in improving academic processes”, The teacher at the Belo Orient Educational Institute, Yarlida Borja, indicated.

The exercises are called: 21st Century Skills, Leadership, Human Capital and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Their goal is for city teachers to obtain the knowledge required by Software Valley and thus advance the construction of Medellín Future.

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