Copa America 2024: Dates and venues for Mexico matches

Copa America 2024: Dates and venues for Mexico matches

The Mexican national team already knows the venues and dates where they will face the group stage duels of the next Copa America.

The Mexican team You already know the venues and dates where you will play your group stage matches Copa America 2024 It will be held from June 20 to July 24 in the United States. Houston, Texas (NGR Stadium); Inglewood, California (Sophie Stadium); And Glendale, Arizona (State Farm Arena)The Aztecs will be playing their first duels in CONMEBOL competition.

The Mexican team The draw on Thursday 7th in Miami, Florida has the same four seeded teams, the same margin. Argentina (A1), USA (C1) And Brazil (D1).

Within the planning of the draw, Mexico It is considered “B1” and according to the plan released this Monday Copa America 2024Through their social networks, the team’s playing venues and dates are already known. Jaime Lozano Team level fights.

The Mexican team It will debut on June 22 NGR Stadium Located in Houston, Texas. The second day group match will be held on 26th Sophie StadiumIn Inglewood, California, closing on the 30th State Farm Arenain Glendale, Arizona.

As of now, the last two guests of the event are yet to be finalized. Copa America 2024. The remaining tickets will come from the playoff round Concacaf Nations LeagueWhere are the keys? Canada vs. Trinidad and Tobago And Costa Rica vs. Honduras.

Mexico Got his direct pass Copa America 2024 Thanks to them qualifying for the final four Concacaf Nations League. The Mexican team Joined the classified list Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay And Venezuela.

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