Horoscopes Sunday March 6th: Mhoni Vidente presents her horoscope predictions

Horoscopes Sunday March 6th: Mhoni Vidente presents her horoscope predictions

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Mexico City. – famous fortune teller MexicoAnd the I want to walk, he made his predictions and horoscope predictions for the various horoscopes on Sunday, March 5, the first of the month. To find out what awaits you this day on topics such as love, money, health and work, we invite you to continue reading.

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From experience, you know that on several occasions you walk with your heart to the surface and on this day you do not care about this situation, and this does not mean that you should think badly about everything and everyone. However, be careful not to harm you, you must protect yourself.

the Bull

You’ll want to spend your time enjoying your day without stress, and if you don’t have much to do, try seeing a friend who can give you fun moments and interesting conversation.


Don’t make this decision that involves money or time without considering your partner’s opinion, because it can throw it in your face and he would be right. Sometimes you rush into certain aspects and have to go back, because you’re not having a good time.


In addition to your personal projects, you will feel the need to spend time with friends, and you will have to convince your partner that you need those personal times. He may not handle it well, but try not to be defensive

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There will be several circumstances in which today your self-esteem and mental energy will rise greatly, and it will be thanks to the meeting in which you will attract attention and will be adept at words.


Listen carefully to what someone will explain to you that may be useful for deciding whether or not to join a vacation plan in the near future. Do not put but in anything, simply analyze the pros and cons, without being upset.


You don’t like burning phases and with that you’ll be right today, because it’s better to go slow with a familiar topic that’s a bit more complicated than expected. Building bridges and not mental barriers of any kind is ideal.

The scorpion

You will feel less pressure from a family member and you will relax more because you have finally found understanding and respect for your ideas. However, you will still need to provide some explanations.


You will be in touch with someone who will help you with a task and will point out or explain some of the things you need on a topic related to the studies. It took a while to find it, but it would be a good find.


Avoid noise, distractions, or family obligations and focus on that task that you have to do, even if it’s only for a few hours. You’ll appreciate this advanced work next week, so make an effort today.


You’ve discarded a plan because your spirits are a bit low, but this is probably the best way to lift it up and find yourself with more energy. Use your willpower to move forward, because you will thank yourself later.

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Ignore any guilt for not being able to help a family member, because what you did in the past has no solution. Know that each person is responsible for their own life and makes their own decisions.

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