Best discount for the NBA Playoffs: €14.99 for everything!

Best discount for the NBA Playoffs: €14.99 for everything!

toto The NBA reaches its defining moment: the playoffs and the battle for the title. So, little attention is paid to that championship race championed by Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic. And find the other guests at that party with this exciting Play-In game. For full follow-up, NBA League Pass is launching an unmissable promotion where all premium content is available for just €14.99.

he League Pass allows access to all matches on any platform such as mobile phones, tablets, new generation devices, smart TVs… With better picture and sound quality added to special functions such as synchronized statistics, interactive graphics or different camera angles.

Here you can subscribe starting April 16 and enjoy the full coverage of the qualifiers. From the first playoff game Even the hypothetical dream game seven in the Finals. Don't miss anything from the greatest show in the world…

NBA League Pass subscription types

There are several subscription forms that adapt to each fan's preferences. The standard is League Pass and it allows you to watch all the matches of the season live – in high definition – and the possibility of watching them delayed and their various summaries. In addition to watching all the Finals of the past 20 seasons, NBA TV 24 hours a day, different angles… The news of the possibility of downloading full matches to watch them without an Internet connection.

There is another more complete package, Premier League. Add the improvement of being able to have access to three devices at the same time, and exclusive content within the service itself. In addition to all of the above, with all matches of the 2023-24 season, the possibility of downloading them for offline viewing, replay…

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