Diaz-Canel continues volunteer work, and Cubans respond: “Circus.”

Diaz-Canel continues volunteer work, and Cubans respond: “Circus.”

Dozens of Cubans attacked this Sunday against Miguel Diaz-Canel When seeing pictures of him doing volunteer work in agriculture.

Official portal Cubadipati Shared on his wall Facebook He photographed Governor Guataciando in a corn field, an image that many described as false, ridiculous and even disrespectful to real farmers.

According to the publication, the governor came very early with more than a hundred workers from the party offices to a volunteer action called throughout the country, in tribute to Girón's victory.

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He added: “The president's mission is not to volunteer in the field. Rather, it is to manage the country, develop its economy, and know how to lead. That image in the field is outdated and a waste of time to focus on how to improve the economy.” said Kobe from Kentucky.

“If people depend on this man's volunteer work, we will end up dying of hunger,” said one Havana resident.

“Circus for the picture, don't even step into the corn so you don't get itchy. Look at the guataca and the clothes you're cleaning, what a disgusting and embarrassing thing. I'm 80 years old and there's never been anything worse than this. An old woman said: 'The government is better than this government in Cuba.

“These things only generate annoyance in the majority of people, in those who have at least half a brain, as we Cubans say. Respect our intelligence even a little. Don’t be the laughing stock of the world. Who cares? Do these things happen? How is the situation in Cuba, annoyance “Caused by innumerable needs and defects, and they come and bring this up, I think this is in order to stir up controversy, entertain us and divert attention.” said one independent.

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One young man quipped, “Oh my God, we will have corn in the summer thanks to our leaders.”

A Havana resident asked: “State lands remain idle and unproductive. They are not doing what they should be doing and promoting the farce of volunteer work.”

“What a movie, after the picture, they run to the car with the air conditioner on before the sun can damage them, pure paribé,” said the homeowner.

He said: “Too clean to work in the fields. I don't see a single drop of sweat on him, I don't see him even carrying a bag… In short, photos of 15 people that capture his best angle.” Woman from Havana.

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