Between songs, hugs and thanks, this Johnny Ventura novena ends

Between songs, hugs and thanks, this Johnny Ventura novena ends

It’s been over a week since the legendary Dominican artist Johnny Ventura He left the ground plane at the age of 81.

In the parish of Divina Providencia, located in Arroyo Hondo, last November mass was held for the remnant of Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano (1940-2021), his first name, and where church representatives called to imitate the heritage of the church. Citizen, father and artist.

During the Eucharist, the meringue was first heard “He is the light”, a piece of music for God written and recorded by Johnny Ventura in 2000.

Some of the dancers from the parish performed to the beat of Don Johnny’s voice which, at times, made him feel like he hadn’t left.

Songs, hugs and thanksgiving were the last day of the novenas, which began on Sunday, August 1. Soprano Bora Tyson’s voice set a heavenly tone with the song “Ave Maria”.

Josefina Flores (Ms. Viva)The singer’s widow spoke at the last moments of mass, thanking the Dominican people for their support. “We appreciate your support so much in this moment of pain, I know Johnny, who is in heaven, whom I know is in a good place, thanks to all the friends who are supporting him today, supporting us. God bless you all.”

followed by his son Jean deHolding his mother, surrounded by other relatives, he said: “He who leaves does not die, but the forgotten.” Dad does not forget.” Venturas received applause from those present.

Father Manuel Ruiz recalled many anecdotes with Ventura, identifying him as a “man of God” and calling for his legacy to be imitated. He asked the family to continue what the artist left behind with a commitment to pass it on to the new generations.

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“Thank you Don Johnny for being with us. It is time to accompany and bear the commitment to the legacy that will be on the shoulders of the family. It is difficult to follow in the footsteps of a horse, but it is possible,” said Ruiz as he spoke the last words.

Among the personalities was sitting next to the Ventura family, the former president of the republic and the head of the popular force, Lionel Fernandez. Also a doctorAlex Antonio Cruz Jiminian.

“Johnny leads by example”

The parish priest said the mayor of El Caballo has helped a lot of people and after years, they have already accomplished professionally, remind them of what he has done for them.”Johnny told me that once he was in a bank solving a loan problem and the manager took good care of him … When he left, he said to him, “Don Johnny, you paid me for college,” and so on, thousands met“, I acknowledge.

Manuel Ruiz remembers him as an extraordinary human being and urged us to fight not to lose “this legacy, this memory, because new generations need examples to be able to organize their lives. He was a man of faith, a family man, a great artist and a great human being, for that we thank God infinitely” .

Reverend Mario de la Cruz Camposano, of the parish of Divina Providencia, stressed that the interpreter of the “Merenguero hasta la tambora” was a man of faith and that he was always present in any work of the parish.

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The melancholy atmosphere, but at the same time solemn and full of hope, was a sign of respect and affection considered by the Dominicans and lovers of the world “Merenguero del Siglo”, and in a special way by the helpers who filled the Catholic temple and among whom were his widow Josefina Flores (Dona Viva), her children, grandchildren and other relatives.

The artistic personalities who honored the composer, arranger, producer and politician are Fernando Villalona and his wife Fatima, Maestro Henri Jimenez, producer Rene Brea, Jatna Tavarez, Pamela Sued, Sergio Hernandez, Manny Cruz, Gabriel, Juliana O’Neal, Miriam Cruz. and Vladimir Dotel, Roberto del Castillo, José Alberto El Canario, Eugenio Pérez “El Salsólogo Mayor” and Chino Méndez, among others.

The other politician present was the political leader Velocho Jimenez.

“Johnny told me that once he was in a bank resolving a loan and the manager took good care of him… When he left, he said to him, ‘Don Johnny, you paid me for college,’ and so, thousands met”

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