Billy Donovan, as criticized on the outside as supportive on the inside

Billy Donovan, as criticized on the outside as supportive on the inside

Bulls do not live drive, less easy. Being one of the teams with the largest following in the NBA, the season went by without being able to clear the disappointing mark; That is, at this point they are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference (the latter to give a pass to the playing in) with a score of 36-40.

With this scenario, criticism intensified. There was talk about the players’ performance, the hit or miss with Zach LaVine’s massive extension, and of course the work Billy Donovan is doing off the bench.

Finding himself in his third season at the helm of the Illinois organization, this was expected to be the year he dedicated the Bulls to the lead in the East. We’re not talking about rubbing shoulders with the Bucks or Celtics, but we’re talking about getting close to being a playoff team outright, which also didn’t materialize. This circumstance caused him to be widely criticized on various fronts, but not for his wardrobe; So much so that DeMar DeRozan has nothing but praise for his coach.

“He’s definitely underrated on the outside. He’s calm. He’s always focused on the game and paying attention to the little things. Unbelievable. His game and his tactics… He brings so much more to the game than people see,” says the All-Star guard in the data he collected Joe Cowley from Chicago Sun Times.

Although guys are with Billy Donovan, the truth is that as in any competition here, results rule. No one doubts that Lonzo Ball’s prolonged absence has affected them greatly and that with him they will be a better team, but finding solutions and moving forward is also the coach’s job. We’ll see how the campaign ends and if the administration continues to trust his leadership from the wing.

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