Congress will debate accepting a vacant motion against Dina Boulwart in the next plenary session

Congress will debate accepting a vacant motion against Dina Boulwart in the next plenary session
Dina Boulwart assumed the presidency of Peru last December. (AP Photo/Martín Mejía, file)

he Congress of the Republic Provided an account for movement 5372, which proposes vacancies in President of the RepublicAnd Dina PolwartThursday night, March 30.

With this said, at the next plenary session, which will be on Tuesday, 4th April, it will be put to a vote as to whether it will be admitted for discussion. Joseph WilliamsPresident of the legislature.

On the broad day of the plenary’s meeting CongressWilliams noted that the vacancy against Boulwart, who took office in December 2022, has his case.Permanent moral impotence“.

head of the congress, Indicates that, in accordance with the legislative regulations, the acceptance of the vacancy proposal will be consulted for Congressmen the next day full.

As Williams noted, the President of the Republic was informed from his office, Dina Polwart, when entering this requirement. He submitted this proposal, which was promoted by left-wing deputies, against the background of the killing of 49 demonstrators in clashes with the armed forces during the protests that erupted since last December, when he was the former president. Pedro Castillo give try coup.

Congress reports on motion vacancy against Dina Boulwart. | Twitter

In parallel, Boluarte is facing an investigation prosecutionwith the former president Pedro Castillo. He is accused of illegally financing the Peru Libre party in the 2021 general elections, based on the businessman’s statements Henry Shimabukuro. This investigation was added as an argument by Poulwart’s opposition to his dismissal.

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In detail, the first supra-regional prosecutor’s office specializing in money laundering offenses this week expanded the scope of the investigation against PolwartAnd fort And Shimabukuro For alleged money laundering and criminal organization offenses. Shimabukuro, in various interviews with the press, told in detail how he financed the president’s travels and advocacy activities in the last election campaign.

during that contest, fort He headed the presidential list of the political party Pero Libre, while Polarte aspired to the vice-presidential position.

In response, after various statements by ShimabukuroAnd Polwart He rejected all of these accusations against him and reiterated that they are “a dark political maneuver that seeks to tarnish the constitutional government, democracy and the institutional framework with words and without evidence.”

“There was no kind of negotiation, demand or preference on the part of the lady. Dina PolwartHis office took to Twitter in response to accusations that he received unauthorized campaign funds from businessmen.

“If Mr. Shimabukuro cooperated or financed party activities, he did so completely personally and without agreeing to any commitment,” Pulwart added at another time.

Finally, we must also remember that, last Monday, the Head of State replied to National ProsecutorAnd Patricia Benavidesin the Government Palace in an alleged corruption case relating to alleged irregularities in contracting companies of his former adviser Greka Assayaj.

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