Birth and baby photos by Francesca LaChapelle

Birth and baby photos by Francesca LaChapelle

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Francesca LaChapelle shows photos and videos of her son Gennaro’s birth day

It’s been a week since then Francesca LaChapelle appeared as a motherAnd after the first eight days of welcoming her baby Gennaro Antonio, the former Queen of Nestra Beleza Latina shared the first official message on her social networks, saying how do you feel about it He talks a little about what this new adventure in his life was like.

The cute Dominican wanted to share her happiness with her more than 3 million followers on Instagram, and there she posted a few photos and videos of her birth day, as well as two beautiful photos. Pictures of your baby.

As if it were a photo story, the former Nuestra Belleza Latina in her post showed step by step what she experienced last Wednesday, from the moment she went to the hospital with her husband Francesco Zambogna, as well as her arrival at the hospital. Clinical center. While waiting to be taken to the delivery room, the beautiful Dominican showed that she tried to relax and get ready by dancing. Then she showed a picture of Grace having her baby in her arms.

Francesca concluded her story with tender picture On her way home, after being discharged from the hospital, she seemed so happy with her Italian husband and their newborn son.

ÔÇťHello! Hello my people! How do you know, last Wednesday I became a mother – I am enjoying this new phase, understanding it and adapting to it as much as possible. In love and what follows from mygennarozampogna ­čą░­čą░­čą░ÔÇŁ, the hostess of Despierta Am├ęrica shared her happiness with her fans.

“Here are some pictures where you can see what we witnessed on Wednesday 7 July, when my chest decided to come into the world. I love you so much,” the former Queen added.

After the post, which in just two hours got more than 124 thousand likes, friends and fans of the artist Univisi├│n Entertainment ran to congratulate her on her beautiful son and sent her all kinds of messages of affection and appreciation.

ÔÇťCongratulations Francesca! What a great blessing! A hug with all my love!ÔÇŁ, ÔÇťCongratulations! Great blessing ­čĺôÔÇŁ, ÔÇťWoww congratulations beautiful Fran!!ÔÇŁ, and ÔÇťMany blessings to you. May God bless you in every step with @gennarozampognaÔÇŁ, were Some words that many fans have dedicated to the Dominican.

Actress Carla Monrogue joined the barrage of messages and said, “Fran!!! This is beautiful!! What a beautiful family!!! Enjoy every moment, one day at a time. A hug. Blessings in 3!”.

Likewise, baby prodigy, Francesca’s friend, added: “Congratulations, dear, enjoy your long-awaited baby.”

After the birth of the little girl, which came two days earlier, the TV show Despierta Am├ęrica was the first to break the news and presented the first official photo of the baby.

Look here at the first pictures of the baby

Later, Francesca’s husband shared another beautiful photo of his son, in which he dedicated some beautiful words of welcome in Italian.

ÔÇťBenvenuto bello mio! gennarozampogna @francesca,ÔÇŁ said the happy father.

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