The change in the Moon’s orbit has alerted NASA

The change in the Moon’s orbit has alerted NASA


NASA has recently warned that changes in the lunar orbit could cause massive flooding on the planet In the next decade. The organization estimates that by 2030, more waves are likely to hit the beaches.

According to the agency, This is expected to cause An increase in the number of floods On almost all continental beaches USA, Hawaii and GuamThe company said in a press release Freedom.


According to NASA, the United States will experience a “dramatic increase in the number of floods” due to the moon (Photo: Saeed KHAN / AFP) (SAEED KHAN /)

I add: “Only the far northern beaches, including Alaska, will be saved For another decade or so, these landscapes are increasing due to long-term geological processes. ”

But this is nothing newThe media said that because of the high tides in Atlantic cities in the Gulf of America.

In fact, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Registered from the United States At least 600 floods This category is only available in 2019. But, According to NASA, When the next phase of the lunar eclipse occurs, The United States will be “in a decade for a dramatic increase in the number of floods.”.

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