Blizzards could bring up to 18 inches of snow to New York

Blizzards could bring up to 18 inches of snow to New York

(CNN) – New York City and its environs are expected to experience “major to severe” winter storm surges until Tuesday, with 12 to 18 inches of snow and up to 72 inches of wind due to a powerful northeast forecast. 80 km / h.

With heavy snowfall and strong winds, blizzard conditions are likely Monday, the National Weather Service office in New York said. The strongest impact on the city is expected to be Monday, with 1 to 2 inches of snow per hour, but the storm will continue through Tuesday.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked residents to stay home during the storm. The face-to-face school will become completely remote on Monday and the Govt-19 vaccination appointments will be rescheduled, he said.

Overall, more than 110 million Americans will experience winter earlier this week as northeastern winds blow toward more populous cities on the east coast.

Citing the expected snow, high winds and coastal flooding, New York government Andrew Cuomo on Sunday ordered government agencies to mobilize emergency response resources.

New Jersey Governor Bill Murphy declared a state of emergency starting at 7 p.m.

The Emergency Operations Center has been activated and agents are ready to assist as needed. A power outage is expected and state officials are in touch with applications in preparation for the storm, a press release from Murphy’s office said.

Government offices, the Govt-19 vaccine “mega sites” and most public transportation will be closed on Monday, the report said.

Snowfall in Washington

It’s been almost two years since more than 2.5 cm of snow fell in Washington, but that could change dramatically after Sunday. The city is under winter storm warning throughout Sunday night, with 10-20 inches of snow possible. Chance of heavy snowfall on Monday.

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“Snowfall levels in the nation’s capital are easy to forecast, but the Washington area is optimistic that significant snowfall will last until Sunday and Monday,” says CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward.

The storm could bring 10 inches of snow to the capital. This would mark the end of a 709-day series in which Washington passed without more than 2.5 cm of snow.

“The 788-day streak ended in 2013, the same time it happened,” said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

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The path of the storm

As of Sunday morning, more than 110 million people were under winter weather warning from the southern Great Lakes to New England. The storm caused severe snowfall in northern Illinois and central Indiana, causing travel headaches.

It will intensify into a powerful northeast storm when it reaches the coast on Monday morning. For many on the East Coast this will be a long-term event because the system will take time to exit.

Over the next three days, snow will blow periodically from Washington, Philadelphia, New York to Boston, gradually ending from the southwest to the northeast.

Bigger impacts are expected

Strong winds can be accompanied by heavy snowfall, reducing visibility and causing power outages. Travel obstacles will be elaborated in the air from the ground as storm roads and runways are blanketed in fresh snow.

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Snowfall of 2.5 to 5 centimeters was reported near suburban Chicago on Saturday night, with snow forecast of up to 23 centimeters on Sunday night.

As the storm moves eastward, it will reorganize and intensify. Extreme levels of snowfall from New Jersey to southern New York, eastern Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland can reach up to 12 inches.

Snow forecast for Tuesday.

Snow and sleet build-up is also a concern for parts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. The maximum falls north of Charlotte and Raleigh, where 2.5 to 5 cm of snow is possible.

The storm’s hotspot is producing numerous embedded showers and thunderstorms in central and southeastern America today. Expect a rainy Sunday in Atlanta before it rains from the region at the start of the work week.

Areas to the west, such as St. Louis and Springfield, Illinois, will experience rain / snow throughout Sunday night. The exact amount of snow that will fall is uncertain.

A week after parts of Iowa were hit by snow, Hockey State was able to see a few extra inches on Sunday night.

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Growing Northeast storm

As with any northeast storm, the forecast is for total uncertainty of snow because it depends on the exact path of the low pressure.

“There seems to be a consensus among forecast models that moderate to severe snowfall will occur from parts of Virginia to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but there is some uncertainty about the exact path of low pressure from Monday to Tuesday,” Ward said.

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“This will have a significant impact on the amount of snow that falls from New York City to New England. The storm system running parallel to the coast will provide more snow, while a path to the east sea will reduce the amount of snow in New England.

This can make a difference of 4 inches of snow or 12 inches in places like Boston and New York City.

The NWS Philadelphia office predicts winds of more than 6 inches of wind of up to 72 km / h “will create significant wind and snowfall.”

In his discussion Forecast, The storm is predicted to be an unusually long event, with 36 hours or more of snow and winter rainfall, high snow total and rates are unlikely to occur until Monday night.

CNN’s Laura Lee, Jennifer Gray and Ganesh Chetty contributed to the report.

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