The granddaughter of Maria Felix causes a stir in the networks; They uploaded a photo that they claim looks identical to ‘La Doña’.

The granddaughter of Maria Felix causes a stir in the networks;  They uploaded a photo that they claim looks identical to ‘La Doña’.

To talk about Maria Felix is ​​to talk about a a woman who has proven himself as a star in international For being part of the icons of women’s cinema in the golden age.

Let’s remember that thanks to his incomparable talent Beauty That Maria Felix, better known as “La Donna”, has transcended the barriers of success and fame due to her outstanding acting techniques and also for her excellence Letterwhich was formed in her life as a middle-class woman far from FameRemember well that she was discovered and invited to act even though she didn’t expertise.

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Maria Felix and her legacy

Many things are also known about Maria Felix in connection with her life Spreadincluding that he had a lot Likesbecause he was married four times, however, from other things that are known and proven even about “La Doña”, one of which is the love for which she is famous an actress I always had to look stylish.

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And now this is precisely elegance and balance Famous Jorge Negret’s wife is inherited by her sister’s granddaughter, who is causing an outcry through social networks, because, like “La Doña”, she is also dedicated to being an actress.

Maria Felix’s niece who inherited her talent

Maria del Carmen Felix 38 years He has shown that he inherited the influence, personality and talent of his great aunt, Maria Felix, in front of the cameras.

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Driven by the legacy her aunt left inside records In Mexican cinema, Maria del Carmen Felix He chose to devote himself to the Guild Technical In which her father’s sister Bernardo Felix Flores triumphed: acting.

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at the moment Maria del Carmen Felix She has 160 thousand followers, in addition to the fact that in all of them Publications Receives dozens of comments flattering her elegance Often It is associated with the beauty of “La Doña”.

Now through social networks, the publication of a photo in which Maria del Carmen Félix looks radiant and shows the influence that she inherited from her aunt has caused quite a stir. GrandmaNow netizens have confirmed that Maria del Carmen looks identical to “La Doña” in this photo.


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