Bolivia: Former Bolivian President Jeanine ez goes through a depressing movie and stops eating in jail | International

Bolivia: Former Bolivian President Jeanine ez goes through a depressing movie and stops eating in jail |  International
Former Bolivian President Jeanine ez entered the Obraz prison in La Paz on March 15.Azar Rolts / AFP

Former President of Bolivia Genine ez, Who has been in prison in La Paz since Sunday, has stopped eating and is in a depressed state, said Ambro Carvajal, chairman of the Permanent Human Rights Council. “I have seen it very badly. ‘Why fight? Why live? ” He told me, ” Carvajal told local newspapers.

Last Wednesday Áñez met with an episode of arterial hypertension and wanted to be transferred to a private health center, but the authorities did not allow it. Authorities said the resources of the women’s prison he held were sufficient to control his stress. In the aftermath of the incident, a photo of the former president with his eyes closed and tilted was released into circulation after receiving an anesthetic. His daughter Carolina denounced him for not being allowed to go to jail to see his mother. He asked To the President, Louis Ars, It said “Be human, because here we are hurting your children too. She needs medical treatment. ” At the time, he recalled that when Ars was persecuted during his mother’s government, it gave him a safe behavior to leave the country and attend to his health issues.

On the morning of March 14 Áñez was surprisingly detained at his mother’s house where he had disappeared. A few hours ago, the lawyers in charge Conspiracy case They had issued arrest warrants against them and five close associates in Bolivia. Two of them were immediately arrested. And two were already out of the country. The latter, though “undercover,” is still free, and the government is responsible for the safety of his family, which is constantly monitored by police. At the same time, the two former army commanders are prisoners in different ordinary prisons.

Their arrest came as a surprise as the former president and his ministers were not included in the investigation, as they were investigating the moments leading up to Evo Morales’ resignation on November 10, 2019. It was assumed they would not be so. There is an important participation. The biggest reason against Áñez was his responsibility for the military repression of protests against the interim government that ended with more than 30 deaths and hundreds of injuries. However, to take it to court for this reason, the movement for socialism needed two-thirds of the legislature, and it did not.

நிலைez’s situation has provoked a series of protests by various international and national organizations and personalities. Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Louis Almacro, Who suggested that the big justice cases of the efforts Evo Morales And Jeanine Áñez, to be dealt with by international commissions and courts, including what is referred to as “crimes against humanity”. According to Almacro, Bolivian justice has always depended on political power, and overcoming them is unreliable. Following the strong reaction of the Louis Ars government to the proposal, the Secretary General of the OAS said it would refer the cases to the International Criminal Court. Immediately, President Ars ஆர்ne’s supporters dismissed the possibility as “illegal” and “disruptive.”

Others who expressed doubts about the correctness of the expansion Conspiracy case Human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch suspect that Áñez and his former collaborators are being used as a tool of justice. Bolivia’s opposition has denounced what happened as “dictatorship.” In his latest public statement on the matter, the former president said Carlos Mesa He described the treatment of the former president by officials as “total abuse” and expressed solidarity with Almacro’s position. Another opposition leader, Samuel Toria Medina, described Louis Ars as “cruel” and “vindictive” for not allowing him into a private clinic.

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